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Man there has to be something in the water in Lakeland Florida. Something that makes you pull a car value out of thin are. This listing is a prime example of an “appraisal” gone wrong. The seller as a “RARE Fiber Fab Jamaican Kit Car” for sale. The listing says nothing about the true condition of the car, if it has a title, whens the last time a ran, or anything. Here is pretty much all is says…

Rare Vintage 1973 Fiber Fab Kit Car
Appraised in Current shape at $2-$3000
Appraised in Top Shape at $10k-$20k
For sale at $1200 OBO
It does not run!

Now don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of the Jamaican. In my opinion it is one of the best looking Fiberfab made. BUT never would I pay $1200 or anywhere in the realm of $1200 for that car. If it had a title Maybe $500? Without a title $100 maybe $200 just to pull the body off and put it on something else.

What would you offer the seller for this car?

UPDATE: I tried on several occasions to contact the seller with no luck.

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  1. Rick says:

    Of course, you would want to see the appraisal before you bought. It could work the other way, though – if these cars (kits, in general) start getting their asking prices, it might start driving the market up on kits in general, which would be a good thing!

    • Donnie says:

      I dont think you will ever see a huge increase in value on any of these, or even what people are willing to pay. The fans of these great cars are getting older and the Kids driving now think a 95 Honda Civic is the baddest thing on the planet. Lets not even get into “in the case of a VW” no power steering, A/C, etc.

      Trust me I would consider picking this up for the right price, and I have sent the seller an email. But my right price and the sellers is sure to be way off. If it has not title especially.

  2. Rick says:

    A couple years ago at Carlisle someone had one of these for sale on the Triumph frame, complete with a 289 v8 in it (I think). It was the ultimate sleeper, and available for… $8500. I would have bought it in a heartbeat if I had the money!

  3. bats says:

    Sadly Donnie I agree, and then some, while there are richard cheeses out there asking all kinds of stupid high prices and in some cases finding some fool with far more green than grey in general the old grass roots kits are a dying breed, we will always see a super nice ( and hack job ) ______________ fill in make model kit at shows cruises once in a while they will never be a tall dolllar item…..

  4. buk says:

    Allow me to play Devils Advocate here and stick in my two Lincolns.

    First off the J was built using only a few donor chassis and one (later) factory v8 frame. The early cars rested on VW, MGA, Triumph TR or….Big Healeys.

    With this car (which I’ve not received response either) condition is everything…what sits under that decent looking glass body is everything. Let’s see what we know by the pics. It is NOT the VW, It is NOT the later V8 chassis. Snores galore for a TR3 or 4.

    Now, Has anyone priced a junker 100/6 or 3000 Healey as of late, or a rolling MGA chassis for that matter? While there are still deals to be had in the private/roadside market, in the real world both of those cars in ratty, nasty, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole condition sell for more than his asking price. God forbid it’s a Twin Cam or special Healey underneath…

    While it is most likely sold, If he calls…if it ends up being an MGA, I’ll go take a look. If it’s a Healey, speed laws will be broken and my wife will hate me.

    Clean it up, remove the FF and find some Devin overalls!

  5. Stuntflyr says:

    I bought it, early Healey, drums were locked, frame is holed, tie-rod bent from tow attempt, it’s a mess with a 90 degree V-6 boat anchor. Not to worry, it has a VIN, will be on the street and I have a 302, new frame, and lots of time. Has all glass and regulators, the no-flare body style was what I really went ape over, and no giant holes or butchery on the body. I’d love to have a new hood or front end in case anyone has one or knows of one available, this area is pretty rednecked. Repairable but a two-weeker there. If the Turbo Thrusts and SW Greenlines are restorable I’ll really have something, the dual Ansa tips I’ve removed and polished already and the headlight covers cleaned up with soap and water with one tiny stress crack, no checking because it was under a tree. I suppose 1200 bucks was a lot but it’ll be bought and shipped to my shop for under $2K, the new frame was more than that (Healey, don’t ya know) so seems the bargain to me. There’s a VW kit on Ebay right now, virgin and looking primo for just a little more, go get it you VW fans.

  6. ken says:

    Hi folks: I actually just bought the blue Jam. in the first photo on the site here. I bought it from photos but I did get to talk to the owner who had moved here and left the car at his father in law’s house in GA. Nice people and he gave me a lot of documentation.

    Anyhoo… I bought this car and intend to make it a very, very, nice car. Of course I too will have a ton of money in it (just as the seller said in his ad) but I somehow think these cars, done really nice and correct (disc brakes, tube frame, rack and pinion, A/C, etc) will start to get some attention in the market. Only 15 years ago I was considering a Ferrari 330. The twin headlight cars were considered the ugly stepsister of the single headlight models and were going for a mere $45 to $50 thousand. Now they, as all nice vintage sports cars are well over a quarter of a million. Even the early 911’s are out of reach of the average enthusiast that actually has to work for a living (not a member of the non-working rich). We all know the most valuable part of these cars are the frames– so what does that tell you?

    So where does that leave the market for guys who want a decent car that has a classic sports car look, sound, and performance that can be afforded and worked on by the owner without breaking his wallet?

    Maybe I’m way off here, but I think these cars done nicely, will get a second look from a lot of guys who have seen their dream car priced into the stratosphere.

    • Donnie says:

      Thanks for your comment. Do it as nice as you want just do not have any expectations that it will be worth a lot of money . We are not talking about a Ferrari. We are talking about an old fiberglass body that they made many of. When you are ready I have reproduction fiberfab emblems for the Jamaican


      • ken says:

        Hi Donnie: Of course these cars will always have the “kit car” stigma attached to them. When I started my business many years ago there was a guy next door (with pretty hefty resources– $$) that was trying to manufacture the Fiero/”Ferrari” kit. Of course he never made it. The inherent problem with kit cars IMO is that people on a budget are trying to build a car that looks like one they can’t afford to drive. This usually results in a person with not enough funds and an unrealistic belief in what the total cost involved will be.
        Believe me, I own a restoration/custom car shop and I spend half my time trying to talk folks out of “doing” a car that will be far and away over the amount the owner could ever expect to get out of it. But it’s a hobby and surprisingly they still forge ahead. And after 23 years in business most guys (and on the rare occasion, women) understand this. Truly a nice car built well is always better than a nice car done lousy– And if anything, it makes for a more sell-able car. This car will be no exception– but being able to do all the work myself does make this car a little more feasible.
        A good friend of mine has a VW shop. He has been at it longer than I have. Even he is surprised at how much his business has increased over the last 5 years as the “Bugs” and vans have slowing gained footing in the collector market. In his words, “who would have thought these little cars would be worth what they are today?”

        PS: Kudos on your website here. Really enjoyed seeing some of the kits that have been made through the years. I will post here when I get the car with some photos if you think guys would be interested…

  7. Dave Hotaling says:

    Do you still have this car?

  8. Dave Hotaling says:

    Do you still have this car? I have a Fiber Fab G.T. 12/Avenger body that’s never been built my heart is really with the Jamaican though.

  9. Tommy Clegg says:

    I am looking for a Jamaican kit car body to put on a 300 zx frame ,Contact me with information at

  10. Bryan tackett says:

    I have a 1970 jamaican car complete with vw drivetrain.a true barn find from the 80s. For sale. Best offer newark ohio

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