Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars

Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars

Well we did what is my top 10 vintage kit cars now lets have some fun and do my Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars. This list is in no real order because it is difficult to decide between bad and really bad. At some point they are just all lumped together

Aztec 7 Vintage Kit Car
10. Aztec 7 by Fiberfab – Ahhh the Aztec 7. This is one of those kit cars that when you see photos of them you go “hey thats not bad looking” but then when you see it in person you cringe. There is not much to like about the Aztec 7 . It uses a windshield that is worth more than a complete car, it looks like a doorstop and you need to be in good shape to get in and out of it.

Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars
9. Stiletto by Autonique – This is what happens when you take a Ford Pinto/Bobcat and think a body kit will solve its appearance. You end up with the Stiletto. You have to give the designer some credit for the attempt but it was just a BIT short . I am not sure how many of these were made, or if there are even any out there still driving around.

Manx SR
8. Manx SR by Meyers Manx – I have much respect for Bruce Meyers. He created a movement in regards to Dune Buggies and never really has gotten the credit he deserved. Mainly because as quick as be started everyone copied him. BUT the Manx SR just never really did if for me. I cant really say I hate it, but I cant really say I like it either. Its right on the border of ok to me. It resembles a frog in my eyes.

Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars
7. Saber GT by G&W Motorcars – Honestly I dont have much info on this car. I remember having a brochure but I have not been able to locate it.It used an Opel GT as a donor. I never really cared for the looks of this Kit Car

Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars
6. Vokaro by Vopard Industries – This is a lot like the Bradley GT. In fact although I have the Bradley GT on my top 10 best, it really could go either way. When I look at a Vokaro I cant help but think the designer started with the front and by the time he got to the rear he was so bored he just gave up.

Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars
5. Shala-Vet by House of Shalako – To a VERY small number of enthusiasts the Shala-vet is the holy grail of kit cars. Or at least you would think by the prices people think these things are worth. If I wanted a VETTE I would purchase a VETTE. NOT a VW powered kit car that tries really hard to be a VETTE.

Auriga VW Kit Car

4. Auriga by Auriga Corporation – The Auriga looks a lot like the Vokaro in my eyes. Its another one of those cars that looks good in the front but the back looks like it his a wall REALLY FAST! Had just a little more time have been taken on the car it could have been pretty nice.

Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars
3. Linck Stealth X-1 – This is another one of those kit cars I know nothing about. Other than these small advertisements in magazines I have never seen other info on them. It just looks wrong . If you have info on it feel free to let us know.

Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars
2. Triad by SIE – The Triad was a kit car that came out in about 1976. I have never seen one in the flesh but I can tell you it was a VW based kit car that was Sold by SIE out of California.


Top 10 Worst Vintage Kit Cars
1. Invader GT by Autokit – Everything that was wrong with 1970s kit cars can be summed up with the Invader GT. Before Bruce Weeks got his hands on the David Loring car everything flowed. You can tell a “1st Generation” Invader GT apart from the others because it looks like time was taken to design it. That was because the major stuff was just a copy of David Lorings Work. Every generation after that just got more and more distorted until it looked like it was designed during a really bad acid trip. I know I said at the start of this post that these are in no real order but the Invader GT takes the list as the #1 worst kit car. I know POHT founder Shannon really liked them, but I never have.

I understand some of you may disagree with my list of the 10 worst vintage kit cars and I welcome your comments below.

2 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Yep, yep and yep. Except for the SR. I loved mine. Looks better in person than in ads which make it appear stunted. Well… they are, but the wife called it ‘cute’ so it was fine to stay in the garage 🙂

    The Invader… one of the homeliest kits ever. Not one redeeming quality about it.

  2. Degoragon says:

    I actually like the look of the SIE Triad, I wouldn’t mind one, but with a front Mounted Chrysler 383 instead of the v dub drivetrain.

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