Must be Something in California Water

WOAH!!!. Must be Something in California Water . Every time I think I have seen it all I get reminded that there are people out there who really think their kit car project is somehow worth the price of a very good used production car.

I just came across this gem on craigslist and I am cracking up. The car is a run of the mill Kelmark GT. You can obviously see this is a project. The car itself is a $1000 kit car project. This seller seems to think its worth $11,500 ( or $5500 without the engine)

This was a passion project I started years ago and am now having a baby. It was originally a Kelmark GT which was an 80s kit car which cost $8000 for the kit to make a Ferrari Dino out of a bug. I’ve always liked the idea but hated the look of the “kit car” so I restyled this to look like an lm250 which is the million dollar race car that won lemans 7 years in a row. This thing runs and is registered currently. It’s very cool very drive able but needs paint and body. It’s a project for sure, but definitely a real head turner. It seems like a race car from every angle. Luckily it’s pretty straight because it’s fiberglass. This would also make an excellent electric car, it has a huge compartment for batteries. 1776 blueprinted motor, mild cam, have all receipts over $5000 in engine alone disc brakes, I would consider selling the car minus the motor for $5500 or trade. Trades considered please send a pic of what you have . Thanks Robin

Lets start with the original kit price. It was NOT $8000 when it came out in the 60s. If I recall it was a few $1000 but not $8000. It looks like he made some body changes but the car is still unmistakably a Kelmark. The last point on this is when have you ever got the money back for a motor you built? Honestly the seller really just needs to say it is a project with no motor and relist it for $1000 obo . There is NOBODY who is going to pay $5500 or $11,500 for this kit car.

Kelmark GT Kit Car Project Front

Kelmark GT Kit Car Project Side

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