Using eBay To Purchase A Handcrafted, Replica, Kit Makes, Other Makes

I have noticed a disturbing trend on eBay for some time now and I felt it was worth a discussion. Before you beginĀ Using eBay To Purchase A Handcrafted, Replica, Kit Makes, Other Makes Read This. It may save you some aggravation when it comes to your next purchase .

Using eBay To Purchase A Handcrafted, Replica, Kit Makes, Other Makes

As you know eBay is the go to place for just about everything. Cars are no different. BUT what I have noticed is that the Replica/Kit Makes has been flooded with dealers, flippers and some pretty shady practices such as “Shill” Bidding. Im not going to say that all dealers are bad, eBay is bad, etc, but I will say that I would much rather use craigslist when it comes to purchasing a handcrafted car or kit car. Just avoid eBay.

I will give you an example. Last year a Bradley GT was for sale on various websites for an astounding $12,000. It was a nice car but in this current market (Really any Market) it is about a $5000 car. At Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2017 that same car sold for $7700 . About a month or so later a dealer was selling it on eBay if I recall the first time it had a reserve that was not met. It was then relisted with no reserve and the final bid was $5299.

The winning bidder had a pretty high feedback rating so I would assume the auction should have been paid and the car would have been on the way to the new owner. At just about what I would expect the car to be worth, but at a $2700 loss to the seller.

Well a day ago the car shows back up on eBay and the same seller as the previous auction is selling it again. This time 2 days in it already over $4000 and suspiciously the current bid has to do with a few Zero feed back bidders. Now I understand new bidders come to eBay all the time but if you really wanted the car would you have just stopped at $2501 and then not bid anymore?

Take a look at the screenshot for the current bids. Is it me or does this look an awful lot like somebody manipulating the auction?


This is just one example. The Replica/Kit Make category often is filled with dealers who purchase a kit car thinking it is rare, pristine, one of a kind, or whatever fancy words they use only to find that its not exactly what they thought. As all of you know there is not some price guides for our cars. These dealers for the most part have no idea what they are looking at much less paying for.

As a word of advise, if you are looking for a kit car on eBay and you find something you just have to have do some research first. Most dealers will have a eBay username that is similar to the name of their company. Be sure to take a minute and click on the bids so you can see who is bidding. This will give you a chance to see if anything appears off.

Keep an eye open everyone. While I love to see sales prices on the rise, if its artificially inflated it will do NOTHING for the future value of our cars. And of course if you ever have a question about a certain car send us an email and we will do our best to research it.