Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 4

I would love to tell you I have a huge update but little time, and just a pretty busy life recently has put the brakes on that! HAHA!! Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 4 is going to be brief.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 4

Things are not going as fast I as I want them too. From the garage being to cluttered, to not enough time, to other obligations. I have all the major parts to complete the car but it just seems I do not have enough time in the day.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 4

I started to paint the pan with truck bed liner. Even though this is a part of the car nobody will see once the body is once the body is on and the carpet is installed, I just like that extra layer of protection.

I have sanded the rust spots, primed them, and then put the truck bed liner on. After all this is a kit car! And because its a budget build Im not looking for fancy. I will also be doing the underside of the pans as well. HOPEFULLY This evening. But we will see !

Once I can get that done I will get everything else on the chassis cleaned up, and get some new shocks installed. Then I can move on to flipping the body over and getting it wired up with a Rebel Wire Harness.

Don’t forget I still have an extra Bradley GT2 Kit Car Body. I would love to see someone take it off my hands and get it out of the garage. I listed it on a few apps and websites for $300 but would take just about any reasonable offer to avoid cutting it up into a bunch of pieces.

If you are in North Carolina and interested in it let me know. There is no glass in it, but it would be a good time to get creative with it !

That’s about all I have right now.

PS: If you want to follow along with the build cost you can see the build cost sheet HERE

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  1. My1stcarbradleygt says:

    Do you still have Bradley gt body?

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