Subaru EJ22T Powered Autokit Invader GT Kit Car For Sale

Ok guys and girls. Most long time readers of this website know I am NOT a fan of the Invader GT. BUT you have GOT to check out this Subaru EJ22T Powered Autokit Invader GT Kit Car For Sale . We got an email from a gentleman named Sal that is getting rid of this car on behalf of his father. The car is located in New Jersey so read on your East Coast people!!

Subaru EJ22T Powered Autokit Invader GT Kit Car For Sale

To be honest I do not have a whole lot of information on this car. It was given to Sals father by his Uncle . Sal says its turnkey and ready to hit the road and that it was built at a cost of about $10,000.

Here is all the info I have at this time…

This Invader GT is a turn key car with no rust or known issues. This Invader is unique that is powered by an early 90’s turbo Subaru engine, EJ22T. I am selling the car on behalf of my father, so I do not have a lot of experience with this car, but I do know a few things. The car starts and idles fine, and it even drives well too. The brakes are in good shape along with the paint and wheels. The car is complete, and does not require any work to enjoy.

If you are into the Invader GT this car might be a pretty sweet deal for someone. Most of you know me as cheap but I have to say for the $6500 they are asking for this I think its a steal. I mean besides the fact that its an Invader GT lol. I kid, I kid.

But really who out there is going to either build an EJ powered VW kit kit car, or have someone built it for that price? It wont happen! I also have no doubt Sal will take a REASONABLE offer. Again think about what you are getting before you offer the guy $3000 .

Who is going to buy this beast?

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  1. your mother says:

    thats an EA18T not an EJ22T. HUGE difference

    • Donnie says:

      Hey there. I was only posting the info the seller was giving me at the time. The engine is/ was an ea82t out of an Subaru xt/loyale

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