Vandetta VW Kit Car For Sale

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You don’t see many of the Vandetta VW kit cars these days. They were a pretty cool van type kit for the VW Bug. From what I can tell not many of them were made but just like with any other kit car out there, the number manufactured means very little.

This one is being sold for $4000 and its not in very bad shape from the pics. Here is what the seller has to say about it…

1970 vw kit car. 1600 motor, type 3 pancake motor, dual weber 34 carburetors, IRS transmission, ball joint front end. Runs great. New fuel sending unit, new blinker switch, new generator, new master cylinder, new rear metal brake line, new rubber brake lines, new valve guide tubes on one side, new points, rotor, cap, plugs, wires, condenser. Car needs a few odds and ins fixed. Like the heater cables hook back up (heater blows hot all the time), horn inop, license plate light inop. Tires are in great shape. Typical vw needs to warm up to run right. Engine runs strong, no knocks and runs smooth.paint in ok shape. Comes with tow bar

As most of you know with vw kit cars if it says it needs a few odds and ends fixed you can bet it needs that and some. Its going to need a paint job, there was no mention of the floors, etc. I am going to guess that $3500 would get it, and I do believe it if does run and needs only the work the seller described it would be a good deal.

What would you pay for a Vandetta Kit Car?

And if you have a Vandetta you can find a great sales package to ad to your collection HERE

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  1. Marc V Davis III says:

    hi did you sell this auto? If you did do you have any contact info on who you sold it to. Mahalo

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