What are you working on?

We want to see your projects. If you are currently working on a kit car send us a message from our contact page and attach a few photos. We always like to see what is going on out there. Also, we are always looking for suggestions to improve price of his toys. Let us know



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  1. bats says:

    Working on or the mess I am in…Lol,

    I have some pretty cool yard art at the moment.

    Lets get past real life demands for a few and look at my hobbies,

    I had two ( realistic ) dream cars since I was young, a 69 vette big block convertible with a mako shark body kit personalized to my tastes.
    The next is a GT type old school “race car” that looks like it crawled onto the street, in my case a Valkyrie.

    I scored my vette in ’09 and then a couple years ago busted a rear strut and learned the frame was rotted.
    So I got a roller chassis that was ready to go and it sits next to the vette waiting for me to cowboy up and do the body off swap.

    I scored my second Valk’ yeah, got dumb and sold my first years ago, my valk could run in hours and drive perhaps in a weekend but it needs a real overhaul to be what I want it to be, the con it has a vortec 6 cylinder not a v-8.

    My life and health right now is just not dealing me a hand to play with my hobbies too much hence why I don’t get here to much, so I have actually been looking for a shop or savvy person to do the frame off on the vette for me.

  2. HH Mac says:

    I’m working on a Hathaway Hunter, based on a TR4 chassis. I was very pleased to find on your auction site a Hathaway kit car brochure from 1980. The Hathaway Motor Company only sold kits for a few years before selling out to Chuck Hunter, who renamed the kit the Hunter Roadster. Although the body molds have gone through six owners in 35 years, no more than 30 kits have been produced. All of the finished HH cars have been on TR 4/5/6 chassis, to the best of my knowledge.

    I bought the last unstarted kit in 2012 and I’m still preparing my donor TR4. I don’t know how to send you pictures but there are plenty of them on a great website maintained by a HH enthusiast. http://www.hathawayhunter.com The brochure I bought from your auction will be scanned and placed on her website.

    • Donnie says:

      I am glad you found the site. If you would like to send us some photos to post please send using out contact link at the top of the page. It gives you the option to send photos.


  3. Alexandre says:

    These days I work on my Super 7 replica home-made which has been introduced on this site few years ago. There was many oil in the water so I decided to do something I’ve never did before: changing the head gasket, a big challenge for me !

  4. ed byrd says:

    As we speak working on fiero based Aztec 7 and Pinto based jaguar 1937

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