What is this kit car?

I got the following letter from a reader in Iceland:

I like to ask if you can help me out. I have 356 speedster replica and for few days ther was a guy how called me and aske if I had intrest on his kit car and he told me this are some kid of lotus. can you tell me if this are lotus or what?

It doesn’t look to me like a Lotus… More like a Clan Crusader but the doors aren’t right. Anyone recognize it?

Update/solved: This is a GP Talon, a British kit car that debuted in 1980 on a VW chassis. Thanks Grzegorz!

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  1. Rich says:

    Looks sort of like a modified Spex Elf or Jack Rabbit.

  2. Grzegorz Wink says:

    This is ‘1985 GP Talon from GP Vehicles England.

  3. michael lyk says:

    i have one to


  4. kitcarguy says:

    I have an old sales flier about this car and a few other GP cars. I need to get a new scanner and I will scan it if anyone wants it.

  5. Mark says:

    I have that too, posted onto Flickr. A nice looking car, always was.


  6. kitcarguy says:

    Hey Mark,

    My is a bit different then the one you have posted there.

  7. michael lyk says:


    Is it possible to get in touch with him who sent you the pictures
    I can not figure out how the headlights should be able to open

    Greetings Michael

  8. RichardE says:

    I owned a black GP Talon, Reg No. TMK 89F, from 1984 to late 1985. I bought it as a built car from a local classified advert. I was only 18 but managed to get it insured. It was based on a 1500cc beetle, so had front discs and reasonable performance. It’s the only car I ever sold for a profit. Doubt if it still exists, is it true that only about 10 were ever made?

  9. Sin_Tiger says:

    I had one, thought it was earlier than 85 though. The headlights are fixed to the main shell with the flaps in front being able to drop down to expose them. The flaps are hinged at the leading edge and spring loaded to keep them up by default. Teh mechanism, if my memory is correct, was bowden cables (might have been Beetle hand brake cables – hazy there) routed to a locking lever under the dash. Pull and lock to open and hold them down, unlock and release they return to the up / closed position with the spings.


  10. ExTalonOwner says:

    I had one of these in the UK from 1984 – 1986. It was a black one, on a 1500cc chassis, with the later version doors on a moulded-in T-bar. It had twin headlights each side – the covers weren’t fitted. I bought it as a fully built car and did a few bits to improve it before selling it – if I had known how few were made I might have kept it!! Can’t remember how I managed to insure it – I was only 18 when I got it. Doubt it has survived…

  11. Teemu Nurminen says:

    I have one in Finland. Bought in UK in 80’s http://s22.postimg.org/4gl84itf5/Talon_kuvat_017.jpg

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