Whats new in the kit car world?

I often find myself searching the internet for hours looking for the next big thing in the kit car world. That original kit that could change the industry. I have seen several kits over the years that have peeked my interest such as the blast and La Bala from grabber cars. Or even the new Factory Five 818. Relatively inexpensive cars to build and all are most likely a blast to drive. Cars like in my mind are the direction the industry should be going.

What have you seen out there, either as a full tub chassis kit, or even a rebody that has an original look to it and interests you?


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  1. Rich says:

    The K1 Renovatio/Attack seems like a solid well thought out kit. The multi donor car idea might be expensive but the end result has good performance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdh6GcB7QRU

  2. Donnie says:

    Hey Rich. Last I heard the molds to the Attack had changed hands a few time and is no longer being made. And when I completed one comes up for sale they wan used Ferrari money for them 🙂

  3. bats says:

    Sadly I fear the “kit car” as I see it is dead,
    It had a great run on the VW pan, and even a few of the turn your Fiero into a Lambo or 4-R-E were not “too” bad,
    It would seem the new trend, examples being the cars you posted are “component” cars,
    The owners of the companies tend to get pissy if we call them “kit cars”
    Many really are super cars in their own rights, from the computer designed frames and suspensions, high end drive trains to the exotic body materials,
    Just like the dreamers of yesterday who craved uber exotic for cheap and bought a Kelmark, Avenger, etc todays kit builder has to spend a bit more but still gets so much more bang for their buck over some imported super exotic.

  4. Rich says:

    These guys http://tushek.com/ are producing the car. It’s not clear if they sell here tho. It might only be available completed. The kit car business is like the weather in Chicago it changes every 15 minutes.

    Paul has it right tho on the show Gearz Stacey is building a SL-C a mid-engined “Super car” . They take great pains to let you know they don’t see this as a “Kit Car” . But it does come in boxes and needs to be put together so it’s a kit . It’s like manure removal composite sheets call it what you want it’s still toilet paper .

  5. Rich says:

    Apples and oranges . The public and automotive elite lose the point of what we call kit cars. Kit car guys think out of the box and they do their own work . Now sure some people shouldn’t be allowed near tools. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to try.

    Most of the people who would have negative things to say about kit cars have never built anything. At the cruise nights we call them “Cheque writers ” they buy a car write cheques then pick up the restored car. Even the owner of the most half baked hack job out rankes a cheque writer atleast they did it themselves.

    We’ve done our own work got greasy cut up and shocked . Do the things we build look like something Chip Foose did? Maybe not but atleast we tried so we shouldn’t feel bad if some clown turns his nose up. Odds are that person couldn’t change a spark plug much less turn a pile of parts into a running car.

    So stand proud you have something different you are aren’t just one of the crowd.

  6. Donnie says:

    The whois for that site is

    Maromi car d.o.o.
    Tanja Psajt
    Ulica Jozeta Jame 14
    Ljubljana – Sentvid

    Got a feeling this will be another ill fated attempt

  7. Bats says:

    I have always gravitated towards the homes builder, sure I have a disdain for hack jobs they are what gave VW kits their bad rap to start with, but I have no time for as you call check writers especially the ones who want to try to take some misplaced credit for the work…”IE look what I / my shop made” I always wonder how much of the build did their hands did and how much their wallet did.
    sure be proud you could afford to throw money to make your build happen but give credit to the hard working wrench spinner who made your dream car for you.

    When VW based kits came out it was for the working class fellow who wanted uber exotic for cheap, in that era it didn’t have to handle or go uber fast and well, looks was enough,

    Times have changed, today’s “kit car” is fast, it does handle well but it’s not cheap any more, perhaps cheap compared to a real exotic but sadly still out of reach for many of us dreamers.

    This is why I am here and why I still 30 plus years later gravitate to these cars.

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