Widened Sterling Kit

I recently got a letter from Ahmad Abdo, who now owns one of the wilder, more interesting Sterlings on the road. Well, not “on the road” yet, but it will be! Let me share the letter now:

“Recently Norm Rose of California Component Cars (the original US manufacturer of the Sterling Kit car) and his son (Scott Rose) both listed their Sterlings on eBay. His sons car was the original Sterling #1 imported from the UK, and Norms car was the personal Sterling he made for himself. I won the auction for Norms car and thought you might be interested in a few pictures and plans, and then I could update you when the car is completed and painted.

The body is 6″ wider in the rear than an average Sterling and 3″ wider in the front because a second Sterling was cut up and grafted onto the sides of this body to create the stepped look. The frame is hand built with Pinto/Mustang II front suspension and Corvair rear suspension and even has a built in roll bar hidden into the body of the car. It has 4 wheel disc brakes, and the rears are mounted inboard. The engine is mid-mounted and is a Ford 2.8l V6 (Capri, Bronco II, Ranger) with an Audi 100LS automatic transmission. Other features Norm Rose installed include airconditioning, cruise control, tile and telescopic steering wheel, and a few other additions.

This car has 1,700 miles on it as it was never finished, and only driven around for a short while before it was stored for 30 years. It has a LOT of work to be done to get it road worthy, including killing the rust, and hosing it down to get all the years of dirt and dust off. Being that this kit car encouraged customization, I am going to add a few changes of my own, the biggest being a new rear end / light section, and recessed headlights. I also have a Porsche 914 manual transmission that will be replacing the Audi transmission.”

Check it out:

wide-sterling-1.jpg wide-sterling-2.jpg wide-sterling-3.jpg wide-sterling-4.jpg

wide-sterling-7.jpg wide-sterling-6.jpg wide-sterling-8.jpg wide-sterling-5.jpg

I dont’ know if I’m personally sold on the “stepped look”, but I totally love the widening.

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  1. Jonathan Kuehne says:

    Very cool! I had a chance to see this car in person and can attest to the unique nature, as I purchased Scott’s car in the other auction (Sterling #1). Norm was way ahead of his time with some of his ideas – it’s too bad he never really finished the car. I look forward to seeing where you go with it.

    Scott’s car was stored in similar fashion – and basically needs an almost complete rebuild, simply from so many years of non-use. I love the lines of the Sterling, but would love to see it in a mid-engine design, so I’m in the process of fabricating my own chassis, using a tube VW chassis, 1988 Pontiac Fiero cradle and Getrag transaxle, 3800 SC V6 out of a 2005 Grand Prix, and Mustang II front suspension. I’m sure I’ll experience my own trials and tribulations, but what neat cars these are – this is gonna be a hoot!


  2. billy branham says:

    I am looking to buy a cheap sterling kit car and was wondering if this one is for sale?


  4. I would love to buy this car as is to finish myself. Please let me know. Thank you.

  5. Randy Hornbuckle says:

    Rich Milne (National Sterling)owns this car

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