Widow Sports Cars SP1 Update

Well this will be a brief update on the Widow Sports Cars SP1. The Demo car is out of paint and it looks AMAZING! For those of you who do not feel like going through our website to find out more information about this car I will give you the rundown. The Widow SP1 is the brainchild of Wayne Blackwell in the UK. Using an old body kit he had laying around he sculpted something that just about anyone would want to drive.

This kit transforms that “girly car” The Mazda Miata into a great looking sports car. Bet you would have never guessed that under this car is a 20+ year old MX-5. Anyway we have been following this build since day one and we have to say we are really impressed with the final result. They did a great job. Obviously there are still some bits and pieces left, and they tell me they are going to be putting a V8 under the hood of this demo car but its just about ready for the road.

Widow Sports Cars is still working out US distribution and we have offered our assistance, but you can order one today directly through Widow Sports Cars. They are about $6500-$7000 plus shipping and I believe they will be coming from their new factory in Latvia.

Check out these great shots of the freshly painted Widow SP1 and get more info on their page http://www.widowsportscars.co.uk/

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  1. Seth Darvick says:

    The “Widow.”The name scares me a little bit.I am already a widower so I would change the name a little and call it a “Window.” Naaaa, I’ll keep it as is.
    In any case, I dig the look of the body. I’m a TVR fan and this looks like a TVR humped a Nissan and the Widow was born.

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