Yellow Shalako BACK on eBay

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give you all a heads up. We posted a Shalako that was on eBay back in January. At that time the auction ended with the final bid being $3,561.00 but the reserve was not met. I am a really big fan of the Shalako and I wanted it back then as much as I want it now.

Fast forward 10 months and the Shalako is back on eBay. This time it is a no reserve auction. Currently there is 3 days left and it is at $1500.00 with 19 bidders. I guess it just took the seller 10 months to realize his expectations on what it was worth was a little high. If you ask meĀ  $3561.00 was more than far.

Here is what the seller says in his auction..

this project has sat in the barn for too long and we have lost interest. car started and drove about 2 years ago, then we changed the carb and timing and it did not start. covered it back up and moved on to something else. it has better heads on the corvair six cylinder engine. good tires on corvette wheels, new seats and steering wheel. we lowered the floor pans with new steel to add much needed head room. body is solid an just needs sanding and paint. new brake parts installed. gauges work, head lights work, rear lights not connected, i have been told that only two of these shalakos with the long nose were built , one with aluminum and this one with fiberglass. when finished this should be quite valuable. my son went to college and im moving on to another challenge. – John

As you can see the seller thinks it will be quite valuable because it has the long nose. If you won the auction at lets say $2500 and you you ended up putting $2500 into it I doubt you could sell it for more than $5000-$6000 . Just my opinion but as I have seen time and time again that is usually how it works out.

Anyway here is the link and a few pics for you to enjoy.

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  1. dave mortoin says:

    bought that yellow shalako a few weeks ago cant wait to hear it run…fingers crossed

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