1981 Aquila Kit Car For Sale

Hey All. I just came across this 1981 Aquila Kit Car For Sale.  Just as an FYI it is said that the Aquila is a loose representation of the BMW M1 of the day. I am pretty sure I have posted it before and I can says it has been for sale for sometime on various websites. Production numbers for the Aquila kit car are a mystery just like with most kit cars produced by companies that are no longer in business. It has been said that only 50 were made, others say 150 , while others say over 200.

1981 Aquila Kit Car For Sale

Not that it matters much because production numbers mean very little in the kit car world. From the looks of it this 1981 Aquila Kit Car For Sale was pretty well built and still does look good. From the photos it appears that it had been well taken care of but has not been driven much , and has been in the elements a bit.

Here is what the seller on craigslist has to say about it…

1981 VW Aquila Kit Car for sale. Clean and clear title. 1600 DP engine with Holley Bug spray. Heat and A/C, A/C might need charged. Chassis is an early 70’s beetle with IRS. True time capsule. Solid chassis and fiberglass floors. Few cracks in the paint, that being said it’s in the paint only! The fiberglass on this car is nice and thick. There are a few blemishes in the paint on the front and near the gas cap (previous owner didn’t have a gasket for the cap and it leaked fuel).

Listing this for my dad, pretty firm on price. If you are serious about wanting to see the car or work out a deal I will give you his number, but feel free to contact me about questions and I will try my best to answer them.

No low ballers! We know what we have and know how rare a complete drivable kit like this is worth.

1981 Aquila Kit Car For Sale Interior

I always love when sellers use the line “No low ballers! We know what we have”. You do realize that this line does absolutely nothing for your listing?

My Guess would be that if someone showed up with 40 crisp, freshly printed 100 dollar bills this Aquila would be theirs. At that price it would be a good deal. Unfortunately even though I do like them I believe it is at the high end of what it can get at the $5500 price.

1981 Aquila Kit Car For Sale Side

What would you pay for this 1981 Aquila Kit Car For Sale?


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  1. Jerry W. says:

    I Love this model. The kit car market is very limited and many seller don’t want to except this when pricing.
    Most sellers prices are way too high and they will still have them years after their first posting for sale.
    If this one was close to me I’d check it out for sure but wouldn’t pay that asking price.I agree that $4000
    would be the top out price if the car was totally there and running.
    I’ve found one locally that is complete but has been sitting for 15 years. Owner claims it runs and it still looks very nice.
    Sub $2000 was my offer and they are considering it. They didn’t even know what it was at first.
    If they accept my offer I’ll post some pics.
    I recently purchased a beautiful 1967 Avenger GT for $2500. That was a deal that took many years of searching.

  2. donald garcia says:

    do you still have this car for sale looking for somthing for my son.

    • Donald Garciaa says:

      I’m still waiting for a reply, I’m willing to give you over $4,000 for the car please get in contact with me. Thank you.

      • Donnie says:

        Donald . We just post cars that we come across on various website. This car was posted on August of 2016 and I have no idea where it ended up.


  3. Christian verret says:

    I am interested to buy could you tell me if this Aquila is sold my email address is christianverret@Hotmail.ca

    thanks for your time


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