’77 Sterling

Sonny just picked up this very pretty, clean looking Sterling kitcar on eBay…. It’s CCC body #488, and sits on a VW chassis with a 1950cc engine. I’m quite jealous!

77-sterling-front-closed.jpg 77-sterling-front-open.jpg 77-sterling-interior.jpg 77-sterling-open-top.jpg 77-sterling-side.jpg 77-sterling-rear.jpg 77-sterling-rear-open.jpg

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  1. garraux says:

    hey man thats sweeeet. my dad and my grandpap restored the same exact car. i love it and people would have to pry it from my cold dead hands. but anyhoo what kind of trany do have in it??? the one we have is stuck in 2nd. our trany is a 63 im not positive but im pretty sure.

    any suggestions???


  1. April 24, 2007

    […] Sonny (who’s also the owner of the 77 Sterling) has been picking up some very pretty toys on eBay! Here’s another one of his kitcars, a Manta Montage. His is VW based, on a ‘68 chassis using a Vanagon transmission and a 1914cc VW engine. I continue to be quite jealous… […]

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