A Big Thanks!!!

Hey Everyone. I wanted to take a minute and thank Larry Edwards of Florida for donating almost 50 years of Dune Buggy and Kit Car Magazines for the Price Of His Toys archive. It is readers like Larry who help us to expand the information on our websites. We can say with almost all certainty we have just about every kit car magazine ever published with the exception of a few here and there.

Here are a few of the publication names for your reference.

  • Kit Car Illustrated
  • Petersen’s Kit Car
  • Kit Car Monthly
  • Kit Car Quarterly
  • Hi-Performance Kit Car

As we have written in other posts over the years we are always looking to expand our collection . If you have 1 item or 100 that you would like to donate or sell at a reasonable price to our archive please send us an email.

Also if you have not heard we have recently created a new website that will concentrate more on the history of handcrafted cars at www.fiberclassics.org . Also on this new website is a great Handcrafted Vehicle Database that you can add your car to. As of today we have 40 submissions and we would like to get to 100 in the next month. So take a second and register today.

Kit Car Magazines


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