This Invader Kit Car is STILL on Craigslist

This Invader Kit Car is STILL on Craigslist

We posted this Invader GT kit car back in January. At the time the seller wanted $8200 for it. Fast forward to Mid-May and the seller reposted it a few days with the SAME $8200 price tag. AMAZING!!!! At some point you need to sit back and realize that what you have is a $2200 kit car that you most likely put way to much money in.

The Invader GT is not a highly desirable kit car and frankly they are not all that good looking. In fact they are down right hideous .


If you just have to have this one of a kind classic here is the link to the listing

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  1. Sam says:

    There are way too many people trying to sell kitt cars for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!!

    Love your website.

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