A Couple of Craigslist Sightings

When I see cars on Craigslist, I usually write the sellers and try and find out more and get better pictures, but when there’s no email address listed I don’t. Still, I wanted to pass on these two cars because they especially caught my attention. First is this rare Kellison Shark — they just keep coming out of the woodwork, don’t they — that someone has made some minor changes to including the addition of a t-top roof. It’s in south Sacramento, asking $2,500 — call 916-607-6771 if you’d like it. Click for a bigger image.


Also on Craigslist, this one in Florence, CO, is this nice looking Cimbria (ie. a Sterling with gullwing doors instead of the lifting canopy) is up at an asking price of $6,000. It’s got a Wright Racing 2180cc+ engine, and is “ready to roll”… Call 719-784-0722 evenings or weekends to pick it up for yourself. Again, click for a bigger picture.


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