Amante GT Owner With A Case of “What I have into it”

First let me start by saying I LOVE the Amante GT. Great looking Kit Car from head to toe. It is on my bucket list of one I will own. While searching through the craigslist interwebs I came across this $15,000 gem….

This is a very unique kit car! only (approximately)175 made! (do your research)
It use to be mounted on a V.W. pan with a sluggish 1600 cc pree.70’s beetle….
Now, it sits on a custom made chassis with a 3,3Liter Buick mid engine with an automatic trans.
The Fire wall needs to be partially re-dun, the dash board needs finished. It is a project!
It is drivable!

Ok cool. It has a custom chassis and a buick powerplant but is still a project and after doing my research as the seller has asked I can 100% say with all certainty that it is NOT a $15,000 car. Unique? Sure! But that is where it stops

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  1. Don Lowry says:

    I agree. But if this car is still around I’d love his contact information.

    Don (714) 222-7242

  2. Jim says:

    I will tell you as an Amante owner I was offered $15000 for my car and I turned it down. The compliments I get and the looks when I drive down the road are priceless.

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