White Sterling Project on Craigslist

Well This one is coming to you from the great state of Virginia and needs a LOT of work. They want $1700 for it with no title but I personally think if you showed up with a trailer and $700 you could have it. If you already have a sterling this might be a good opportunity to get some cheap parts. Windshield appears to be good, interior looks to be all there although its trashed.


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  1. Renaldo says:

    Hey! I was interested to see if you still hav the sterling. I hav a 917 tht I built from ground up an it has a 1915 in it! My uncle has a sterling an I hav always loved tht style!! If you still hav it please reply back in an email. Thank you

  2. Renaldo Goodwin says:

    If this kit is still for sale please contact me! I can’t find the link or sellers info. I am very interested!

  3. Nevin says:

    Is your Sterling Still Available?

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