Amazing Shalako on the Bay

Hey Everyone,

You may have seen this car while browsing price of his toys and if you ever seen it and said “Man I have to have one” now is your chance. They did not make a bunch and they do not come up for sale all that often, so if you are considering it don’t think anymore and just hit the buy it now button

Here the description for eBay…

Dick Dean designed Shalako street buggy – ready to drive

Built on a 1958 pan with a 1963 tranny and a 1968 single port engine. Holley Bug Spray carb (rebuilt 2008)

Dick Dean’s widow (Jeannie) called this car one of the nicest Shalako’s she has ever seen.
Original Orange Gel-Coat Metalflake
1500 SP engine
Holley Bug Spray carb
12-volt, Electronic Ign., 50 amp alternator
Forward swept, side exit dual exhaust
Removable Gull-Wing Doors
Seats re-done last year with Marine grade vinyl and extra padding in Lumbar area
15″ Tru-Spoke Rims
Tires good
Runs Terrific
Comes with the original sales reciept and a wealth of original and reproduced brochures (Next to impossible to find)

A video I made when I first got the car together and on the street:

A video I made last year:

Not a show car but a car that shows real well and a blast to drive
Car is good to go…does have a pull to the right under hard, emergency braking – might just need a brake adjuster twist

NOTE: This is a very cramped interior. at 5’6″ I just fit

3 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    This car is this car
    I know the owner and the car – it’s a great piece of history and as good as described. Steve put a bunch of time and money into it to get it where it is today – someone is going to get a great deal!

  2. Rick says:

    Guess we should have put the link, huh:

    It’s ended now, at a low price of $3K which is an insult. The asking price is well worth the cost of admission with this rare a toy, and it’s road-ready – a huge plus. For the truly interested, contact the owner through Bay or even email or PM me here and I’ll pass on his information.

  3. Steve says:

    Car was just re-listed on ebay:

    Buy it now has been lowered. If it does not sell I may just be taking it on another road trip from Long Island to the Carlisle Kit Car Nationals in May…so, as you can see…she’s a runner and reliable for a road trip or just weekend cruising

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