Reader Submitted Ugliest Lambo Creation Ever!

I’m a long time fan of the site. I think I’ve been reading it since
the late 1990s. It looked a lot different then. I’m glad it is being
updated regularly now.

I recently ran across a photo of a Lambo one-off which was just too
ugly not to share. It’s based on an un-stretched Mk2 MR2 and uses the
original roofline. While I think that roofline suits the F355 kits out
there, how can anyone in their right mind think it suits a Countach?
And while I applaud people who think outside the box (like the guy who
built a Lambo on the Pontiac Solstice) even when it doesn’t turn out
great, I think trying these things is what kit cars are all about.
Trying something new and being creative in hopes that it will turn out
great. However, a Countach on an unmodified MR2 just never had a

Thanks Rick, We are glad to be able to keep such a great site alive and active. Keep on submitting your images and comments.

Ugliest Lambo

2 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    In this episode of “When fiberglass attacks!” We catch up with the latest victim a Toyota MR2.

  2. bats says:

    Hum…Makes me recall an issue of Kit car Magazine where they showcased many Countach fakes,
    While 99% fell short the mess that stood out was the one built on a Sterling it was really gross to me.
    When the whole build a pseudo Countach trend was at it’s zenith there were so many horrible cars offered it’s hard for me to pick a “worse”.
    The ones that irked me the most was any car made on the Fiero that used the Fiero roof line, and or stock wheel base, and who can forgive them running 4 or 6 cylinders?
    These Fiero based cars all look like constipated turtles to me and I would be embarrassed to be near one.

    Is this poor MR2 the ugliest of the Lambo fakes? it is up there but we can do better if we start looking for a really big mess of a lambo.
    When I look at this MR2 I recall the TVR of the early 80’s but the wheel wells are gross on this MR2 and what is the silly looking square hole in the side for? fuel door?
    If I forget the Countach rip and judge this car on it’s own, hum…paint it black let me see it in person, but I do fear no matter how much it’s polished a turd is still a turd.

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