And this hits keep coming. Check out this $9000 GT40 Replica

Oh man this is just to easy. $9000 you can have your very own GT40 replica body on a modified VW chassis. No that was not a typo. The seller is really asking $9000 for this project. He claims it is 60% complete, but judging by the photos its about 40% complete.

You tell me . What would you pay for this?


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  1. bats says:

    Well thats a kellison gt40 k and like a valkyrie or avenger it is NOT a GT 40 replica,
    closer to the real gt40 than the valks or avengers, but also used the corvair windscreen the problem was they used early press photos of the 427 long nose car which the long nose for design and then ford didn’t use the long nose very much. the kellison sold under many names like “eagle” and even an early 60’s full frame mid engine version called the skorpion,
    none did well, the buck and molds were crappy and the body lines didn’t line up taking many extra hours of body work,
    later versions like the one from la exotics ran a porsche gearbox 914 and cleaned up the body adding scoops and vents to look more like the real deal,
    Last melson motor sports tried to make it fit a fiero and that never really panned out for them,
    I have owned two and plan not snag another to use on my valk in a Frankenstein of the two loosing the cons of the valk styling design.
    But this fellow needs to up or down the drugs or drinks thinking it’s a 9K car…perhaps it’s he added one too many zeros, yes 900.00 that would be fair, but using a real GT 40 in the picture is just cheese richard.

  2. Layne says:

    I agree 100% bats. there have been alot of ads on craigslist and Ebay for cars claiming to be GT40 and Porsche917 replicas and are nothing but Kellison, Fiberfab, or laser bodies. did yo usee the Laser917 body on Ebay with a V8 going for 25,000? that is just laughable. It did have a nice paint job though, and a nice interior, but that was all that was shown.

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