917 Replica on Craigslist. This HAS to be a joke!

Im all for a nice 917 replica. Although I am not sure if I would or could drive one on a daily basis . Cool but to much like a “race car” for my taste. But this one must be on an entirely different level then any of us are on. Enter this seller and his $30,000 917 LeMans Replica sitting on a 1974 ghia chassis with a old 914 engine.

That was no typo folks. $30,000 is what he is asking for that beauty. The listing says the body was made in 2009. Did I mention the fact that it is sitting on a almost 40 year old chassis.

Anyone who wants this better buy it fast. At that price I am sure its going to sell super fast. Thats about all I can say. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/4101991230.html

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  1. I am as some of you know rebuilding a laser 917. I would love to get in touch with others who are building or have built one. I’ve been unable to find info on this kit and have many questions. Questions like what car is the windshield from? Where can I find door hardware? Where can a build sheet be seen? My car is #317 of how many? Any help or info would be helpful. I have been posting pictures on Facebook.

    • Russ Rowe says:

      The windshield is from an Opel GT from the app 1972 era. You can find a lot of information for these cars on the forum section of this site.

  2. Terry says:

    I also have one. It is like new. Never been driven. It has been in a closed storage warehouse for over 17 years. Im asking onle $6,700. ASK FOR PICS Email me at sefibergls@yahoo.com

  3. Brent Chabot says:

    I have a 917 kit car drive it all over. I paid very little for it beefed up vw motor 4 wheel disc sitting on a super beetle frame. Dual carbs lambo wheels and a good paint job. I love it lots of paparazzi.

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