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Well I do not know where to start on this one. I really had to rub  my eyes for a minute to make sure I was not having a moment of of double vision. This one comes to you from the fine state of California and can be yours for the low price of $19,000 . Did you notice how I made the price bold and red t0 make sure everyone could see it?

Now I have a soft spot for the Valkyrie just like I am sure many of you do . They are a cool car and unfortunately have am yet to own one. But when I do decide to bite the bullet I can tell you I will NOT be paying $19,000 for it. I am going to go out on a limb and say the reason it is a head turner is  because it needs body work and paint. Just sayin.

This is a 1968 GT40 replica THIS IS NOT A VW CAR!!! It has a new engine. Glass window in back shows off mid-engine. This car is fast AND you can’t find any more old GT-40’s IN THE USA. This car is a head-turner at EVERY car show. The car goes 0 to 60 in 3.9sec. Tons of power in a fiberglass body. Only $19000


Update: 4 years after posting this vehicle we found for sale on craigslist the owner emailed me threatening to sue me for posting his photos LOL

I have removed the photos and replaced it with a screenshot his email. Any questions or comments feel free to send him an email


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  1. Rich says:

    Well if the body work was finished if it comes out a lot nicer that it looks now. Maybe half that price might be fair but it’s his car and at that price will continue to be lol.

  2. Donnie says:

    Hey Rich. Dont get me wrong. If this car was mint with that engine, etc I could see him getting a decent price for it. But even with some nice paint on it I am not sure of $19k is right. But then again what do I really know other than I would not pay it..hah

  3. Rich says:

    A fair price is one thing but wow almost 20k? If the car was really sharp maybe 8 or 10 k but the way it sits 4 maybe 5 k. I am with you at that price I wouldn’t buy it either . Besides there are already 4 cars and a Tri-Magnum outside so I am out of room lol

  4. the13bats says:

    I owned a valk got silly sold it and now have another, okay I need to post pictures here,
    Valks even really nice ones do not fetch the tall dollars,
    4-5K might be on the skinny side if it runs and drives well but so many times things like poor finished body work would reflect a hack job build on the rest of the car.
    I wish the seller luck.

  5. Rich says:

    Hopefully nobody will get hurt using it if it’s a hack job build.

  6. the13bats says:

    That’s the real issue Rich, hack job or not cars like Valkyries, v8 Kelmarks and the Mirage can be a death trap if a driver isn’t super respectful of the power to weight and odd handling these car with 50 plus yo suspension designs have….

  7. Donnie says:

    You would not see me doing any crazy road racing events in that thing..haha

  8. Godfrey says:

    I am in the process of building a Valkyrie, I think when these are done right they should be worth a lot more then people are giving them credit for. when is the last time some body added all there bills up on a proper build. There is probally six thousand in a proper engine build to get it running

    • Donnie says:

      I always keep a tab on everything I spend during a build. Unfortunately your personal preference to put a 6k engine into your 40+ year old kit car does not make it worth more. If you are looking at your kit car as a investment or a quick buck when done, get it out of your head. Great looking cars when done well, but unfortunately without the right buyer willing to spend it will sit in the garage.

      Feel free to send us some photos of the build 🙂

  9. Godfrey says:

    In regards to these Valkyrie’s I am not building it as an investment or to sell for a quick buck. Even if I had seen this person’s car I would not state my opion publicly by laughing at it. I would think encouraging someone in the right direction might be more helpfull. As far as putting my car on this site open for this kind of help I can do with out.

    • Bats says:

      I missed this but wanted to toss in my 2 cents,
      For over 30 years I have played with kit cars and I have dealt with their pros and cons,

      I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard “It’s just a Volkswagen” and what’s wrong with Volkswagens?
      The stigma there is they are slow and under engineered.

      I Love the Avenger and Valkyries,
      I have owned 2 Valkyries, I got silly sold my first and bought another, it’s on here, a basket case p.o.s…feel free to say so, but when I am done it won’t be a “hack job”
      I have no delusions as to what the car is and I do plan to build mine very “old school”.

      You said you plan a 6 K plus engine, then I assume and hope you are stepping up the transaxle as the Corvair / Fiberfab / Crown unit will not take the power of a built engine.
      I hope you plan to go with modern suspension and good brakes.
      My point is the old Valkyrie is a dinosaur, if your budget will allow 6 K engines ( many VW based kit cars builders have less in the entire project ) I have to wonder why you didn’t consider a GT40 replica, those will have far more investment potential than any Valkyrie ever will, perhaps like myself you actually love the Valkyrie body lines.

      I have also learned owning and belonging to many car and kit car forums it’s no place for thin skin some builders do like to be coddled and in turn on some sites the members do coddle each other,
      But that doesn’t help anything or anyone and it sure doesn’t help the hobby. and as far as “encouraging someone in the right direction” many times I have seen others or myself cussed out for that approach.
      If you post pictures of your build on here it will not get laughed at unless something is funny, if you are doing a nice build it will get hailed as such.
      The hobby of “kit cars” has a stigma of our cars being crap, poorly built hack jobs.
      The car in this thread “appears” to be a poorly built hack job, and why not tell it like we see it?
      Would YOU pay 19 K for this car?

      I have been into Valkyries for well over 30 years and seen many up for sale and sold,
      19K would be high even for a pristine show car, one with a good modern transaxle, modern suspension etc “might” fetch that if a buyer really fell in love.
      That doesn’t mean sellers can’t ask whatever they want to and it doesn’t make us villains for laughing at some high asking price.

      I have my loyalty to the newbie, not the person flipping kit cars for profit of the dreamer hoping to stick it to a novice. someone selling a kit car is gone from the hobby the buyer is who I care about.
      I would feel badly if someone overpaid for any kit car and if I can help give knowledge to a would be buyer I will do just that.


  10. Donnie says:

    Hey There,

    I think you were missing my point. In 20 years of being around this industry I see more often then not grand plans when it comes to these cars. All to often the car that was sold as a project in 2009 will be sold again as a project in 2010, 2011 and so on. Usually at less then it was as a project in 2009.

    The fact is a $20k in parts and accessories does not make a $20k kit car. It is a hard pill to swallow for most people. But it is fact.

    I would like to think myself as well as anyone else on POHT are helping to educate potential buyers of the pitfalls and pluses of these great cars. Sometimes it may come off as mean spirited but it is because we have been there done that many times.

  11. ARIK AIR says:


    • Donnie says:

      Awww why you so mad? I’m guessing I could be that 4 years after you posted the Craigslist ad you still have the car.

      Per your threat I removed the photos that were on the Craigslist listing from 2012 and replaced them with a screenshot of the email you sent.

      Also any comments you make are open for the public to see.

      Have a great day!!!!

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