Another rare kit or so he says…..

ford gt40 replica (avenger gt12x) – $2500 (inland empire)


“Selling my 1972 fiber fab avenger gt12 prototype (ford gt40 replica kit car) for $2500. The car is a 3 piece prototype model the company made but never released. Has a custom box frame, fiberglass body and 4cyl flat.corvair motor and vw.trans.. Independant front and rear suspension. 2 seat rear mounted motor lay out. No vin. I bought it for 3 grand a few years back. I wanted it as my next project but mybheart isnt in it. has NO VIN. the original owner never registered it so once you are done you can register it as whatever you want. will provide bill of sale. no low ballers or trades. i dont have room for anymore stuff. these vintage kits were uncommon and this model especially since it has the external scoops. all scoops on the car are functional and the wheels are american racing magnesium wheels. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. NO BS. 9096841031 ”

( Since CL ads expire I included the ad text above )
This is being hailed as a special Fiberfab prototype never released and GT40 replica,
I love Avengers and Valkyries more so BUT I do NOT call them Replicas, inspired by the GT40? sure, replicas? no way!
I tell looky lous my Valkyrie is Lola inspired, I think they resemble the Lola that the real GT40 was built from.
I really doubt that this car is a one off, I see nothing different than any of the zillion other Avengers that were released,
He mentions all the scoops are functional which was up to the builder, but by no means is “rare” the higher scoop looks larger to me but again so many of these cars were builder modded that proves nothing as far as this being one of a kind,
These vintage kits were NOT uncommon and the Avenger is one of the most produced of all kit cars, so he is mistaken there.
Fiberfab did offer a box frame that used Corvair suspension parts, but this one is said to have a Corvair engine or the VW gear box, so it’s either a transaxle with a flipped ring or the engine is rebuilt to run in reverse to stock.
I see avengers in this condition go for free to perhaps 5-800 and with no VIN which is akin to you stole it in Florida I really do not see this fetching 2500.00 ( I didn’t pay that for my valkyrie in better more complete condition )
Irony, he ends ad with “No BS”
But if you think I am a quart low and find this car a bargain by all means ante up and give it a loving home.

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  1. RIck G says:

    How many 4 bangers were put into Corvairs? I googled Corvair to see because as far as I knew they were all 6 cylinder. According to Wikipedia they were all 6’s.

    • the13bats says:

      Rick no need to second guess yourself, you are correct that all Corvairs were 6 cylinders,
      My guess is either the seller can not count cylinders correctly OR it’s a 4 cylinder VW engine, both the vw engine and ‘vair engine look a fair amount alike with all the fans and stuff tore off.

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