Movie Car Madness (or Madmess)

Ok everyone. Please forgive me for this post. This car very well be the hardest car I have ever had to look at. Apparently it was used in a bad 80s movie called black moon rising . The plot according to IMDB goes something like this….

“A professional thief is hired by the FBI to steal a data tape from a company under investigation. The analysis of this tape, will prove the criminal activities of this company. As this thief is discovered in his attempt, he hides the tape inside a prototype car, but unfortunately there is someone else interested in this vehicle. “

I wish I could muster up more interest and enthusiasm in it, but I cant. The car is for sale on eBay and you can find it here.


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  1. the13bats says:

    Aw Donnie I have to take the other side of this coin, well to some degree,
    I loved the movie like I did Corvette summer, The Wraith, The last chase, etc etc, they get me all warm and tingling and make me loose all site of what is actually butt fugly and totally not practical.
    The car was suppose to be a super exotic running on hydrogen,
    The thin fiberglass shell poorly attached to the tired VW pan with anemic stock VW engine made it’s super high speed runs so very believable as the car bounced wildly while running about when it was stolen.
    I have no idea what they used for the interior but it wasn’t this sows ear, ( is that fair, many movie cars look like re-fried dog mess off camera ).
    I am sure the DOT will love the tinted plexi windscreen in all 50 states.
    I never liked when people over hype things, it was in a movie okay so that doesn’t make up for, at least for me what a bottom end, tired poorly built vehicle this seems to be,
    I recall it being offered years ago both for far less and far more than the opening bid which I sorely doubt will happen,
    On the other hand I would love to own this car, do an interior like some Tie Fighter, drop in some rotary so it sounds weird and unusual and get hounded and laughed at anywhere I take it, I say “take it” because I do not believe this car could/should ever really be street legal.
    While I would only get off a small fraction of what they want for it I do hope it will make it into some car museum, unless they take me up on my 2500 offer.

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