This Aztec 7 Kit Car Project for Sale is in the state I reside in. North Carolina. The kit car seems to be all there. Has a title, Dual carbs, and an intact windshield. Im not sure where people come up with production numbers but I know from original company documents that Fiberfab sold 123 Aztec 7 kit cars from 1979-1981. Either way it does not make the kit car worth anymore or any less.

The seller is looking for $2500OBO. Even better is he is tossing in a junk **COUGH** “Project” Motorcycle. Is it worth it? Well I guess that will depend on what you are looking for. Would I buy it for $2500? Nope! But then again I think they are ugly in photos and in person. This Aztec 7 does have a good thing and a bad thing going for it though. And that is the windshield. The good is it is intact. The bad is that it is from a Lamborghini Muira and it is an expensive replacement.

Some sellers try and use the windshield as a selling point for project Aztec 7 Kit Cars but the reality is how many people do you know that own a Lamborghini Muira much less need a windshield for one? Then you have to wonder what happens if you break it while driving your Aztec 7 kit car down the road. Im pretty sure your insurance company will laugh when you put in a claim for a windshield that is worth more than the car ….HAHA

Anyway, here is what the seller has to say about the Aztec 7…

Meet asking price and I will even throw in a Yamaha 600 to work on too! Can be seen here.

Good title. Project Car. Needs restoration. Seats and console included. Dual carbs. 12v Alternator kit installed. Ghia chasis. Has not been run in quite some time. Only about 400 ever made. Body and windshield intact.

$2500 cash or may take PARTIAL (I need some cash, no full trades) trade on cars, 4×4 trucks, atv, boat, motorcycle, ect. No projects though, I am trying to get rid of all my projects… Price is firm and non-negotiable.

May be willing to sell fiberglass body by itself (pay upfront and you remove the body) for the right price, make me an offer, worst I will do is counteroffer or say no. Or whole car without engine for $2000

Update: 2/19/16- Tinkered with it some last night, starter is bad, can turn the engine by hand though, so its not locked up. Starter is about $29.99 online.

So what would you pay for this Fiberfab Aztec 7?