Ok people. For as rare as people claim these Mini Mark kit cars are they sure do come up for sale often. This Bremen Mini Mark For Sale is one of those kit cars that owners just seem to think they are the most valuable car on the planet. And before anyone chimes in and says “This is not a kit car, it was factory built” I know!They are a “factory conversion, BLAH BLAH BLAH” The car utilizes a VW chassis and has a fiberglass body on top of it. Just like a factory Bradley, or fiberfab kit car. No matter how you try and spin it, the Mini Mark was advertised in kit car magazines, kit car books, and with other kit cars like the Bremen Sebring. Its a kit car!

This one must be really special because the seller is asking $10,000. Or at least that is what the ad says……

this is a rare car, drives and runs good. Just seeking other interest. there is only about 60 found out of 200 built. This not a kit car, it is factory built. any question please contact. Thanks for looking

I want to point out the seller says it is called a Mini Mart…lol . Also some websites say 50 are around some say 60, some say up to 100 . Just like ever “Rare” kit car out there nobody seems to know much of anything.

If you are curious this is what $10,000 gets you.

Bremen Mini Mark Black Side Front

Bremen Mini Mark Black SideBremen Mini Mark For Sale