Bremen Mini Mark For Sale

Ok people. For as rare as people claim these Mini Mark kit cars are they sure do come up for sale often. This┬áBremen Mini Mark For Sale is one of those kit cars that owners just seem to think they are the most valuable car on the planet. And before anyone chimes in and says “This is not a kit car, it was factory built” I know!They are a “factory conversion, BLAH BLAH BLAH” The car utilizes a VW chassis and has a fiberglass body on top of it. Just like a factory Bradley, or fiberfab kit car. No matter how you try and spin it, the Mini Mark was advertised in kit car magazines, kit car books, and with other kit cars like the Bremen Sebring. Its a kit car!

This one must be really special because the seller is asking $10,000. Or at least that is what the ad says……

this is a rare car, drives and runs good. Just seeking other interest. there is only about 60 found out of 200 built. This not a kit car, it is factory built. any question please contact. Thanks for looking

I want to point out the seller says it is called a Mini Mart…lol . Also some websites say 50 are around some say 60, some say up to 100 . Just like ever “Rare” kit car out there nobody seems to know much of anything.

If you are curious this is what $10,000 gets you.

Bremen Mini Mark Black Side Front

Bremen Mini Mark Black SideBremen Mini Mark For Sale

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  1. Rich says:

    Donnie they only made 3 1/2 of those things. The reason it seems like a lot are selling is the repainting that goes on. The half car is mounted on a mirrored wall at Graceland. LOL

  2. Tony Poggi says:

    Trying to get my Mini Mark registered in Hawaii what a headache and need some help desperately.

    Hawaii MVD needs to know before registering what the Mini Mark most closely represents.
    To me, I’d say a MGA any suggestions?
    And if you think this is a headache trying shipping and/or buying a gun (pistol or long).
    Tony Poggi
    707/477-3490 (c)

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Tony,

      It really was not based off of any one model. Why cant you just register it as the VW bug that it is sitting on ?

      • Tony Poggi says:

        Donnie – good question. It’s been registered as such in Florida by the original owner and in Arizona by me for a total of 15 years (+/-). It’s not actually the State of Hawaii as Hawaii DMV is not run by the state. Meaning each county (mine is Hawaii county) runs its own DMV independently – pretty crazy ID say. I did see that Minnesota actually has a Bremen listed as a car manufacturer. Hopefully, but I’m not counting in it here. If the don’t I’ll go with a MG.
        Thanks for your effort.

  3. Max Rivera says:

    Im looking for info on where to get a few parts for mini mark, windshield frame in any condition ect.

  4. M Jones says:

    Hi how are you hopeing great. I have a mimi mark need trunk latch do you have any clue where I can get some from 985 601 1647 mj new Orleans la. THANKS

    • Timothy Timm says:

      trunk latch should be the spring loaded model on early Fords, check Speedway Parts. Hinges are from commercial freezers, try McMaster Carr

      • Donnie says:

        I to have spoken to him and he informed me HE sold them both as Turkeys and Kits. This is also verified by a Section of Kit Car Magazine column called “Readers Ride”
        Here is the article….
        “Sixth Time Around”
        Harold James likes Kit Cars. Especially Mini Marks. The while thing started in 1971 when Harold bought his first kit car, a Super Shark Dune Buggy. Then in 1976 Harold went to the Bremen Sport Equipment Factory and came home with a Mini Mark KIT. This car you see before you is number 6. It took approximately 6 months to complete, at a cost of about $5500. As with his Previous kits he did all the work and fabrication himself . The Kit rides on a 1977 chassis with the front suspension modified for a softer ride.

        A 1700cc motor with dual weber carburetors and a exhaust header received a number of chrome pieces for appearance sake. The body is finished in Black Gelcoat with a hardtop and dual side mounted spare tires; Its upholstered in burgundy cloth and vinyl. Instrumentation is VDO and Music is provided by a 4 speaker stereo system. Harold now owns two Mini Marks, and they share over 8000 miles of trouble free motoring. With Harold’s proficiency at producing mini marks it shouldn’t be very long before another one is running around the roads of Utica, Michigan.

        So 1976 is a few years before Hildebrandt took over. So what you are saying is Kit Car Magazine and Harold James(The builder of several Mini Mark Kits) have no idea what they are talking about? Even though Dewayne verified HE produced both kits and turnkeys?

  5. Tony Poggi says:

    Thanks for all of you help & input. I finally got it registered as a ’52 MG (replica).
    Now I’m in the market to sell it as I really don’t need 3 cars here in Hawaii and I rarely drive it.
    Any suggestions on the best way to sell it? Let alone asking price?
    Thanks and I’m looking forward your replies.

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