Bas’s Matula

Another rare kit car classic is the Matula, designed in 1972 by Ed Matula and tested in NASA’s wind tunnel. In the States it was sold as the Talon, but after being discontinued there it was sold from 1975-1984 in Holland as the Matula by a series of companies. Pictured below is the two seater version (but it also existed as a 2+2), which belongs to Bas from Kitcar Collection, the largest kitcar dealer on the European continent — check his site for tons of great cars for sale. Bas estimates that somewhere between ten and fifteen Matulas exist. He’s since sold his, which he restored and swapped a Ford Cortina engine into in the nineties.

There’s also a video of a Matula on YouTube.



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  1. Rick says:

    it’s like the illegitimate offspring of a Sterling and an old Ferrari. Really needs some sort of modernization for those headlights.

  2. Ed Matula says:

    I designed the (MATULA GT) TALON GT Mk-1 in 1968. The prototype was first shown at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in 1972. That was before STERLING (NOVA) existed. It was an original design that was very radical for its day. The TALON GT 2+2 was first built in 1976. Only (10) 2+2 bodies were built. If anybody wants additional information on these and other vehicles that I designed and built I can be contacted at

  3. Jim Simspson says:

    Well darned if that is just not too cool for school… neat to see one I did not know about before. Kudo’s

  4. Jim Simspson says:

    BTW congrats on doing these Ed, I know what a serious amount of work this takes…

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