KAZ’s Collection of Past Kits

KAZ, who’s been building kit cars since the seventies, scanned a few photos from his archives for us. From start to finish below are a Bradley GT, a Kelmark GT, a Laser 917, a Marauder GT, a 40s-style Willy VW conversion, and a Talon.

He built lots of Bradleys, including three Bradley GT cars for a Bradley dealership that opened in Houston in ’76, who unfortunately went under months later. He also built four Kelmarks — this one below with the great paint job was done by Richard Hildebrandt of Houston. He also bought a Kelmark from the insurance company that had been built by Kelmark themselves and was stolen, then recovered it at the Mexican border where the thieves were apprehended. It was fast, with a 2100 cc dual carb VW engine, and an awesome Blaupunkt stereo.

4 Responses

  1. Schmitty says:

    Love that Marauder GT even if it is a replica (Lola T70). What are the chances of ever finding one of those for sale?


  2. Bats says:

    In the 70’s the Marauder ads would fuel my day dreams and fantasies, I still have their flyer package, I loved the Lola and Chevron cars best,
    I have no clue if it was Marauder but a couple Lolas like this has popped up a couple times on Fleabay in the last couple years or its the same car just getting a bit more worked on,
    Point is they are out there but pricey!

  3. Rick says:

    I’m liking the retro 80’s look of the Talon. Did it come with a roof for bad weather?

  4. Tee Knight says:

    Hi there.
    I have had a 917 Laser before and really miss it. My was powered by a Chevy V-6. If you would like to sell your 917.. Please, Please, let me know ok??


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