Big Block Jamaican

Mike Dwyer picked up this sixties Fiberfab Jamaican (he owns two of them) for $2,000 after it had been sitting for about thirty years. He’s currently building it up, and right now it runs a 496 CI big block Chevy V8 and a Corvette rear end, and weighs about 2600 pounds.

silver-jamaican-1.jpg silver-jamaican-2.jpg silver-jamaican-3.jpg silver-jamaican-4.jpg silver-jamaican-5.jpg silver-jamaican-6.jpg silver-jamaican-7.jpg silver-jamaican-8.jpg

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  1. mike says:

    can i see pics of the door fitment like hinges and what glass did you use

  2. GERRY SPEZIA says:

    HI Miike..My name is Gerry Spezia,and I am the owner of the red JamaicanII V8 inthe1984 kit car web site. I was a member of the GTSCAin 1984 when we put that show on with the SAMA Assoc. at the Michigan StateFair Grounds in Detroit Michigan,,and for a first showIit was quite a sucess.with a 115 private kit cars showing up.As with everything they did’nt like the area, and the gate was to small. Enough of this. I bought my car from a member of our club as a total basket case. He bought it from the original owner who was in a bad cycle acident. He bought it at the 1970 autorama in Detroit,and took delivery of it in Febuary1970. Acording to the bill of sale, and the stamped serial number on the upper frame, it was the second producedin the v8 series. The car took me 5 tears to build.Allthe work was done in my garage, except for the seats,door panels, and console. The car was builtwith the typical 350/350 as a starter. I’m going to try to submit some pictures of it shortlyso you can see the detail that went into my “Poor Mans Ferrari”.What Fiberfab wanted you to do with it , and what I wanted to do with it were two different stories. I wanted to build a real car, not a rolling death trap. I am a retired fabricator from the ChryslerTechCenter, and getting information was no problem. I’ve owned the car for 32 years, and still enjoy it as much today as ever. When I found this web site, and saw that big block sitting between the foot wells, well it blew my mind. I take it that you built your own frame. Fiberfab Fab wasted so much room on the original it was a same.Too day the car runs a 383 at abouy 380 hp with a 3,55 axle ratio , and I can’t put this to the ground, so I can just imagine the smile on your face when you squeeze the loud pedal.,what a trip.Keep smiling Mike,your next one souunds like a real killer. Good health to you my friend.

    • mike says:

      I read your comments on my Jamaican. Do you still have yours?

      Mike Dwyer

    • Anthony says:

      Just wondering, what kind of 383 you running in your jamaican now? a 383 Chrysler or a Chevy 383 Stroker?

      I have a 72 jamaican with a 1964 327 Vette engine in it

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