BMW V12-based Jamaican

I mentioned in the entry before this one that Mike Dwyer has two Jamaicans. His first is a big block V8, and in this one he’s installing a BMW V12 driveline… Probably the only V12 Jamaican in the world?

bmw-v12-jamaican-3.jpg bmw-v12-jamaican-2.jpg bmw-v12-jamaican-1.jpg

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  1. I’ll give him a 10 for hubris. I would rather see a Jag v-12 go in with Lucas wiring. That would be 20 points.

  2. Mike Dwyer says:

    A Jag V12 is easier to get & set up, but it is big and heavy & it has the distributor on the top in the midlle , so the intake runners have to bend outward. Downdraft carbureturs are a good way to go, but expensive. The BMW V12 is harder to set up (outside of a BMW) but I think it is a better engine.
    Mike Dwyer
    1968 Jamaican

  3. Ben Tackitt says:

    I sure do want to see pictures of that whole car when you are finished.

    Well done!

  4. Ali says:

    First, is this Jamaican for sale? If it is are you located? I am interested in buying a Jamaican. If you are selling or know someone that is please e-mail me.

    Thank you very much
    Car Crazy in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

  5. Al vorillas says:

    Good to see Im not the only one who likes to bite off more than they can chew…. I stuffed a 750 il v12 into my ferrari 250 gto replica…. good for you chew like crazy

  6. mike says:

    nice i just picked up a jamaican and am building a chevy 4.3 for it can i see pics of what you have for a frame and how the body connects

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