Bradley GT rear windows and doors now available from Sun Ray Products

Hey Everyone,

If you are in need of replacement windows for your Bradley GT give Ray a call over at Sun Ray Products. They are the keepers of the original GT molds and tooling to produce the windows. They do not do runs of these often and they are the ONLY place you can get the original windows.Be sure to get them while they are being produced.

They are open from 9am – 5pm Monday thru Friday. Their prices are as follows….

Doors: $250 for each side
Short Rear Window: $280
Long Rear Window: $330

Shipping cost is NOT included in these prices.

Be sure to let them know you found out about them on 🙂

Call Ray at 763-780-0774 and like them on facebook at

9 Responses

  1. mike johnson says:

    can you send me the measurements for the rear window short and long? thanks mike

    • admin says:

      Hey Mike,

      Give Sunray a call and they would be happy to provide you with the measurements. Let them know you found them on

  2. james says:

    hey my question is were is sun ray products located?

  3. brenda lezon says:

    Does Sunray Products happen to make the rear window for the GT 2?

  4. kyle says:

    Do they still do it im 2 years late but are they still in business

  5. Joseph says:

    Hi I have a 79 Bradley gt and the doors did not come with it! Please send me some pics of the ones or one that you are selling! Also is their more then one version of the doors?

    • Donnie says:

      Hi Joseph. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately you are out of luck for the doors unless you make them yourself. Sun Ray was the only people making them (had the original molds) but they have screwed several people out of money, and are just not making them anymore.

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