Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 1

Well the time has come to get this build going . The Bradley GT2 was delivered on Thursday March 2 2017 . It was great so see it finally arrive. Now the fun starts. This Bradley GT2 Kit Car is a solid starting point for our budget build. This is going to be a quick little update. Most likely future updates will be on a weekly basis.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 1

On 3/3/2017 I made a quick run to Virginia to pick up parts from the other Bradley GT2 I purchased. This was a deal I could not turn down and gives me a bunch of what I need to get the car up and running. This car has not been on the road for a long time. In fact the tag that was attached to the bumper still said 1981 .

I will be picking up the rest of the car towards the end of the month but I will try to work on the car daily.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build

To be honest I did not get much done on the car today. I managed to get all the body bolts out in preparation for taking the body off. I also cleaned out the car, took an inventory of everything I have, and started to create a list of what I needed.

Starting tomorrow I will start removing the old wiring harness so I can install a brand new one. As you can see the harness is trashed and there is no point in trying to figure it out.

Well thats all I have for the post Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 1. I will have a spreadsheet to track everything in the coming days. I want everything to be detailed so you know exactly where the $2500 budget goes.

I will leave you with this last image.