Brad’s Canadian Prototype Skeeto

Brad writes,

“Here are couple a couple of pics of my prototype Skeeto. It is powered by a Toyota 4age 1600 engine. It is all independent suspension and all wheel disc brakes. It has a bunny drive to kick in the four wheel drive. It is a tubular frame with all hand rolled fiberglass body.  Up here in Canada we need to get up the mountain fast and this will do it at 180 kph (a bit over 100 mph). This vehicle will be street legal and does gets around 38 miles per gallon. I have had such a good response to this vehicle that I am building five more two wheel drive versions with higher horsepower.”

skeeto6.jpg skeeto5.jpg skeeto4.jpg skeeto3.jpg skeeto2.jpg skeeto1.jpg

10 Responses

  1. just me says:

    cool as fuck

  2. Donnie says:

    Looks like a load of fun for sure.

  3. mark andrew portugal says:

    Hello it looks more of a sandrail with many parts fitted from many car bits and pieces than a real sports car or even a type of funcar or a one off dunebuggy derivative. Not realy a sportscar or a supercar.

  4. Leroy says:

    I’ve seen this buggy in person (we live in the same city) It is cool. Yes it’s a buggy but allot more powerful than mine. Only issue I could see was that it would be quite hard to get in and out of.

  5. MXBSwope says:

    Get off your high horse Mark. there is a bunch of VW’s on this site… This Skeeto has a 1.8 liter that has massive potential, Baja suspension, and 4-wheel drive at 40 mpg

    Hell I want information on where to buy, plans, or high res pictures

  6. Rick says:

    did this project ever go anywhere? I’d love a 4wd version as a commuter with the ability to bail out in SHTF situations

  7. Rick says:

    did this project ever go anywhere? I’d love a 4wd version as a commuter with the ability to bail out in SHTF situations

  8. Tim Wayne says:

    Looks great. I’m building something similar in Denver, I used to live in Vancouver BC. Any pix/detail of your drivetrain, engine, 4WD connection, tranfer case (if any) etc? Are your front & back tires the same size… hope so unless your diffs are different. What front diff are you using.

    I will reciprocate with lots of details, pix, research I’ve done if you want. Thanks
    Tim Wayne

  9. neat utv/sand rail/truggy thingy looks good got alot of suspension travel it looks like, but to me it looks like 2 rear dirtbike wheels and tires for front wheels ?! if that things cathcing any air at all i would be very weary ! i personaly would ATLEAST run some sport atv wheels and tires upfront but thats just me…..

  10. mike says:

    A few dust spots but a little wet sand and polish will fix that up. looks like there has been a lot of time and some imagination
    put into this project. with your talent and someone’s know how of
    the business end of it this might take off one day. we should talk.

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