Yellow FFR GTM

My friend Matt went to a recent cruise night in Westford, Massachusetts and bumped into this yellow FFR GTM, sort of a hybrid between a Corvette and a GT-40. If the occasionally odd lines of the car don’t bother you, this is easily one of the best cars in its class for the price.

yellow-ffr-gtm-1.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-2.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-3.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-4.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-5.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-6.jpg

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  1. Terran says:

    I suppose you’re probably looking at around 30k once your done with the whole thing.

  2. David E.. says:

    Thirty thousand is doable, but requires super barter skills. Most likely low number is 45K. Buying one assembled – $70K is a low price. Most builders will spend less than Ultima GTR builds which price out around $80,000 plus. Sounds high, but remember, the Ultima has supercar status(current world record holder 0-100-0 in 9.4 seconds. The FFR GTM is aimed at the same market.

    The car is still in development with a detail or two remaining to be seen. For instance, power windows, parts have been shipped but I havent seen photos yet. (Absence of side window trim makes the car seem unfinished)

    See the GTM run with Ferraris-you decide if the GTM is a potential supercar

    GTM at Mitty’s -Road Atalanta

  3. Derek says:

    I watched the video and the car sounded Bad ass, but as for a super car? I would give it Super Good Looking and good for pimping around, But throw it up next to a SSC Ultimate Aero or a Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo or even a Porsche Carrera GT it think it will lack in “Super Car Ness”. But Defiantly a bad ass car and a head turner.

  4. Well, you’re comparing a $30,000 car with a $300,000 car… But the punch line is that they absolutely are in the same class of performance!

  5. rohan says:


    if anyone selling a Ready modified street worthy FFR GTM car at good deal, i wld be intrested purchase if price is attractive. do contact me at if cld get hints or advise how does one go abt building one frm scratch since am outta town and in the states..



  6. seth darvick says:

    The guys at FFR are very knowledgable about car engineering and these GTM’s have real rubber burning and GT handling potential. Like any other car, you can set this up for blistering performance. You do have performance options with the GTM and it’s up to the builder to choose them. I’ve been considering a kit called the Dragon ( It gives you a lot of bang for the buck. Started out as a Lister but morphed into something much much better. It’ll cost less to build than a Cobra and is far nicer looking (to me at least.)

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