Bravo’s Fiberfab Avenger

Sorry I don’t have bigger pictures (you can click to zoom the collage) of John from New Bedford, MA’s Avenger. It’s the 1969 GT-12X model, and he started restoring it in 1994 and finished three years later with a trophy winning car. It’s built around a Karman Ghia chassis (from disc brakes, etc.) and a 1600 cc engine that’s been worked over with twin carbs, a dual header exhaust. The car also has custom 5″ offset 14″x7″ wheets, adjustable air shocks in the rear, and an overhead stereo system (very cool in a car like this; my Laser 917 had that originally).


“It turns more heads than any screwdriver,” he tells me.

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  1. Fergy says:

    That car is gorgeous! How much would a car like that sell for?

  2. Avengers in fixer-upper (but running) condition often sell for under $2000, and nice finished ones usually in the $8000 range I think. But it’s really all over the board.

  3. Eric says:

    That has got to be my favorite kit car on this site. (it’s definitely the least ‘dated’ looking car) This site is fascinating! I need to learn more about this kit car thing!

  4. Walt Berry says:

    I am seriously searching for aa Fiberfab Avenger, 69 or later chassis, complete, drivable, and show ready. Can you help??
    Walt Berry
    Atlanta, Ga

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