3 Sterling Kit Cars on eBay

Checking eBay right now, there are three Sterlings for sale right now! Let’s start with this conender for the worst paint job (ok, it’s far from the worst, but I really hope this is just some primer issue or something), item #4634666497, an engineless Solid Sterling currently sitting well below its reserve. I’m guessing it won’t sell this time around…

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

Then there’s this awesome classic looking 1976. It’s built on a beetle transmission with a build bus engine, as well as Karman Ghia front disc breaks, and more. I love this one, it’s really gorgeous, and currently ending in one day and is currently at about $5,000. Item #4632774902:

7.jpg 61.jpg 51.jpg 41.jpg 31.jpg 21.jpg 11.jpg

Then there’s this old beater Sterling that’s at $2000 with two days left. It’s definitely a project car (although very do-able), but what makes it interesting is that it appears to be built around not a VW, but around a Corvair chassis. Looks like it’s been sitting in a field for about five years? Item #4633247100.

12.jpg 22.jpg 32.jpg 42.jpg 52.jpg 62.jpg 71.jpg 8.jpg

But it’s cool what you can still find at a low price! Sure, you can pay $90,000 for a used first-gen Diablo, but with $10,000 to spend, you can do some amazing things in the kit car game.

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  1. E Jackson says:

    Please if you will, email me with the production year of the Red Sterling posted above. I have always Loved the rebodies. but I don’t recall ever seeing a Sterling with the Front open like the Red one above or the side gills. Were these features on a specific year, or was this a Custom modification. Also, I know with out a doubt that I have seen a Sterling with a T-Top Canopy, but I don’t ever see it talked about. Did I in fact dream this or did Sterling make a T-Top Canopy. Please if you will send me correspondence via my email: Ejackson71@hotmail.com

    In advance, Thank You!

    E Jackson

  2. Granite69 says:

    so where do i come up with a kit like the red sterling posted above granitesoldier69@yahoo.com

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