Breman Mini Mark

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  1. Tim says:

    I have a Mini Mark, great car!! Not many on road anymore, and not many were built

  2. Bob says:

    I have a Mini Mark, just like the one featured, I’m trying to replace the side mirrors, but I can’t seem to find them. Can anyone help, it is on a 1978 VW Chassis

  3. aric caley says:

    Where can I find more information on this car? Can’t seem to find much (and from what I understand there’s maybe only 50 of these around anymore). I have a neighbor who will give me one, but its been sitting for years and probably needs a ton of work to run again.

    • admin says:

      Hey Aric,

      Unfortunately you would just have to source the parts you might need. If the car is complete and just needs engine work you could have a fun car. As far as how many are around, they are just like any other kit car. I see people list the Bradley GT as rare but I currently own 2 and had another years ago. Most people do not know what the production numbers for these cars were to start with. If you can feel free to send us over a few photos and let us see it.


      • aric caley says:

        From what he has told me, it ran fine when it was parked. But its been sitting in his backyard for something like 20 years.. its got a tarp over it, and that’s all I can see of it. I plan on rescuing it in the next week or so. Considering its just a VW type 1 chassis it shouldn’t be any issue getting parts, rebuilding engine or carb or whatever it needs.

        I will definitely chronicle my experience. πŸ™‚

        • aric caley says:

          Anybody know about registering these kinds of cars in California? I should be taking this car home in a week, I officially purchased it now, I have the pink slip. It has not been registered since 1985! That should be before the Planned Non Operation law in CA so I don’t think I will be assessed penalties for 27 years.. πŸ™‚ Considering how long its been, I wonder if I can start from scratch with registration and if so, can I get away with registering it by the year of the chassis/engine and if that would be before 1975? Isn’t this car based on a 1972 type 1 chassis?

          • admin says:

            I personally have no idea how to do it in cali. Here in Florida is a pretty simple. What does your title say it is?

          • aric caley says:

            title says its a ’79. Mileage is around 22K. I don’t think just registering it should be an issue, however I am worried about smog. I assume it does not have a catalytic converter on it. I will have to pass smog to register it (the cut off date is 1975, and thanks to our former governernator Arnold that date wont be changing).

            I don’t think the engine will require a rebuild, however I did plan on doing a rebuild to get the most MPG out of it (and a little more performance, but mostly for MPG).

          • admin says:

            Man I just do not know enough about Smog and such their. There are tons of VWs on the road in CA so why would yours be any different? Dont know, just asking.

          • aric caley says:

            Yeah, good point. Properly tuned it should probably pass like any other ’79 bug would. I will chronicle my experience. Should be interesting. πŸ™‚

          • admin says:

            Also let us know what is going on via our other site at

  4. Larry Lauger says:

    I hope you can help me. My father died and left me a Mini Mark. At one time he had a ragtop on it. But so one cut so he put the hardtop back on and that was last anyone saw the ragtop. I am looking for a rag top. also the inside door was cut and someone tried to fix it with duck tape of all things. Its a great car I really want to get it back into classic shape can you help? Where can I find another rag top? thanks

  5. Bob says:

    I also have a Mini like the one pictured. Many parts replaced in the last 4 years. Does anyone have any real numbers as to how many bodies were molded ?
    I have read that there are not many good one around.
    Would be nice to get a close count.Last I heard the molds were sold to a company out East and are in
    storage. Anyone have any other info ?

    • Tim says:

      From what I have learner the cars. Were built in Bremen Indiana. In the early 80’s the plant burnt and shortly after the company went bankrupt. The owner is still alive but wontanswer mail or calls about the cars. I get different numbers of how many are still around (I have traced around 20). Anyone interested in starting an owners club?

      • Scott says:

        I just bought a Mini Mark, hoping to drive it home (about 5 miles) tomorrow! Any luck on starting a club?

      • Lisa says:

        I have a Mini Mark also it is on a 1969 VW chassis. I did find out that they made 100 of them. I have heard that there are about 50. My dad gave it to me, he lives in Butler Indiana. Mine is in great condition, all the extras on it. It has a removable hard top. It would be nice to start some kind of club or something

        • Don says:

          Lisa, I too have a breamen mini mark and I too live in Butler Indiana.

          • Just bought one and will be driving it from Miami to western NC this weekend. Current owner does not have any owners manual, or technical documentation other than it’s on a 1982 VW chassis. Anybody have, or know where to get owners manual? I think an owners club or some type of on-line group would be great. This forum may serve the purpose for the short term.


      • louis says:

        I have a 1979 Mini Mark black. yes I would be interested in a club

    • Tim says:

      You may want to check out my blog site on the Mini Mark, I have traced around 63 of the cars still on the road in one form or another.

  6. Patrick says:

    Hi there, i’m from belgium and also have one. Great car. I’m still looking for the side emblems ‘mini Mark bremen’. Someone has those for sale please ? Regards

  7. BOB G. says:

    I have a titled 1982 Breamen Mini Mark that is in great condition. The wife and I have a lot of fun driving it,getting looks and comments.It has both tops and the car is,for the most part all original.A Mini Mark club would be an exalent idea and I would join it in a heart beat! I’ve had the car for 4 years and as far as I know Im the 3rd owner.I live in Ohio and only drive it 3 to 4 months out of the year on nice days.A list of the cars and the states were they’re being driven would be of interist to me. I’m hopping my car is one of the 100 known existing to be on the road today. Will watch all replies…

    • brenda says:

      hey bob my name is Brenda I live now in florida I have had my mini mark since 1982 It only has 16k on it love it and just can’t seem to part with it.

      • Howard G.Singer says:


        Please be so kind to call (preferably) or send me an email about your 1982 Mini-Mark. Great thanks.
        All the very best,

    • bernie says:

      I have a 1970 volkswagon mini mark……where can I join a club for this

    • Denny says:

      I’m from Delphos Ohio and just got my Minni Mark this last 4th of July. Where are you from?

      • James M. Hopkins Sr, says:

        I live in Medford Oregon and I have the number 4 Creighton car built in Breman, Indiana
        you know the manufacture
        any questions you may call me at 5471 200 5876 and that is my cell phone,
        thanks for the interest
        James M Hopkins Sr

  8. John Pratt says:

    I have a friend that has a 1982 Bremen Sport Mini Mark.
    This car is in mint condition. Everything works and it has 32000 miles on it. He is wanting to sell it and is not sure what kind of a price to place on it. It does have alllllll the bells and whistles on it. It also has the hard top as well as the soft top and the complete sitting area cover. This is a really nice car but my friend is wanting to sell it. It is hard for him to get in and out of this vehicle. It has the Gold metalflake paint because he was a shriner in Denver many years ago. It has always been garaged. It is far more beautiful that the yellow one at the top of this page. But any way, if anyone can help me, in a mint condition, what is this car worth. I can take pictures and email them to anyone who wants to see it. You may call me at 928-772-9363 or you can email me. God bless and thank you for any help.

    • joe baxter says:

      I’ve just bought two Mini Marks for Shrine club. One for 4600 and one for 10,000. If you would like to sell your car please send pictures and price you would like.

      • for JOE Baxter. I have 1984 IIMini Mark with a large Shriner Emblem on the rear of the car(chrome) . Iwas told their were 22 SHRINER CARS made by Bremen,is this true? It also has a plate on the dash board that reads eljezjel classics with signature of BOB..

  9. doug says:

    I have a 39 jag mini mark kit car in like new condition anyone know what its worth? its got both rag and hard tops.

  10. Carlos Colon says:

    I have a friend that has a 1982 mini mark but he had several people mess with the wiring and now I’m trying to help him get it running and haveing problems my question is does any body out there have a wiring diagram for this car? it would be greatly appreciated thanks

  11. I have a 1974 VW mini mark. It came from te Denver area about 7 years ago. It has a large Shriner emblem on the rear. I was told their were 22 Shriner cars made. I WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT Shriner cars. please call bob at 858344 0151

    THANKS Bob Dalton

  12. Bruce says:

    Got one about a month ago fun car.

  13. Ray says:

    I have a 1982/83 Mini-Mark. That I have owned for 18 years. It is all original & has less than 10,000 miles on it. Fun car to drive.

  14. Dorothy Treece says:

    My Uncle is going to sell his 1970 Mini Mark. Beige color. It is excellent condition. I would very much like to purchase it, but can not. Has all the extras: curtains etc. Low mileage. Please call me at

  15. Jordan Beets says:

    Currently my father and I have been getting my grandfathers car running again preparing it to sell. Its a 73 Mini Mark believe it may have possibly been on of the original Shriner cars. My grandfather was the 2nd owner of the car and used it in local parades with the shrines up until about 10 years ago when his health went down hill.

  16. Barry says:

    Hi looking for some advice. I live in Hawaii and my new job has me driving 50 miles looking if a bremen would be a decent daily driver? If I have to drive that far it might as well be fun right? Thanks

  17. Kim Davis says:

    I have a Mini Mark kit car on a ’75 VW chassis. The car has an auto stick & is white with red interior. It needs some work. Willing to discuss a price but will not give it away!

  18. Stan says:

    I have found a custom mini mark in above average condition, what would this car be worth with low mileage and above average condition stan

    • Donnie says:

      Hey There. Well as you know they are pretty much worth what you are willing to pay . I have seen Mini Marks for as low as $2000 and I have seen pie in the sky numbers as high as $20,000 .

  19. chris says:

    WOW. I feel like a crook now. i purchased an 81 mini mark for $800. rebuilt the carb, brakes, and cleaned it up. and now it looks like itd be worth at least 10 times that. I really would like to know some more history about what happened to the company. and possibly a number of cars manufactured?

  20. Rick says:

    My father built 30 of these as a business back in the late 70’s early 80’s. Custom Classics was his business name based out of Jackson NJ. Anyone here still have one that was built or sold as a kit from him?

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