Car inspired by the Batmobile

Hey every,

One of our readers named Koon emailed us some photos and his version of the batmobile. Here is what he had to say…..

Unique Designer – Vehicle!
Bat car – bat – Vehicle!
Built by a very extravagant and futuristic artists and designers – from Koon – design!
Various first-place trophies and at events!
About 7.20 m – long and 2.20 m wide
Ideal as a show and advertising vehicle

The base is a German Ford – Granada V6 from 1984! The Ford Granada was behind the rear axle completely severed and were extended over one meter (1m)! Each of the wings is therefore to a length of about 5 m!

With 2 saw blades forward
Turbine exhaust
3m long trunk
Mini Bat-bike on top of it and more – the photos speak for themselves!
Has a V 6 engine but sounds like a V16 – has no muffler – a continuous tube to the rear and a 120 mm tail pipe!

At present, the Batmobile turns into a 5 seater rebuilt – behind the 3 rocket launchers on the rear hood, a flap is built in a rich 3-seater seat is installed – with outside view for the rider!

Furthermore, the rear wing can be cut back and converted to fold!

The German vehicle title to the vehicle is available!

Incedibel sounds !

The vehicle is ready to drive – but of course no TUV – is surely clear!
Who is resident in England or the USA etc, the course can so drive on the roads – what a fun!

Here in German country the Batmobile on the road must not be driven – it has no technical approval and will not even get!

I wish I would be in America – I could drive all my cars on the street – then I would pay a visit to my compatriot George Barris and him still show what all of me will come – because this Batmobile is almost to what I have in America could and would build!

Best wishes to all!


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  1. Rick says:

    Oh boy… Koon “design”… The guy definately likes his own stuff. For the rest of us… Pity his poor Sterling/Nova that got the same basic treatment and is now so cumbersome it would be almost impossible to drive anywhere. Sometimes, you just gotta know when to say ‘when’ in design.

  2. Brian says:

    This thing might be even uglier than the “ugliest kit car ever”.

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