DIY Batmobile 2/2

This nutty steel and fiberglass Batman tribute car was built by Oscar Pumpin. As you might have guessed if you’ve got a sharp eye, this is actually a Bugatti replica on a ’77 VW pan, which was then sculpted into this 22 foot long monstrosity. This is being sold by a seller in Tarpon Springs, Florida who says, “the owner of the original paid $325,000.00 for his — mine is a LOT, LOT, Lot cheaper!”

No doubt!!!! The builder/owner was actually inspired to create it after seeing the Batman Forever original in a local auto museum, and built it over two years of hard work… Now, burned out from all the work, he’s decided to let it go. No doubt it’s also a traffic stopper. It’s currently up on eBay (110280824900).

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