Hey everyone. We have wrote about these Dune buggies in the past. They have the look of the “New” VW Beetle but they use the old aircooled chassis. They have been around for a good amount of time but for whatever really they have never really made their way to the USA.

Check out this Not So New Dune Buggy!

We have posted about these in the past but they still have not found their way to the USA for some reason. This particular manufacturer is just outside of Mexico City. They produce this dune buggy, as well as Speedster and Coupe replica. They do have a kit available to export to the USA and his is a rundown of what is included.

  • Main Body in Primer
  • Windshield
  • Pre-Hung Doors
  • Soft top with real glass windows
  • Engine Cover
  • Front “Trunk” Cover

The manufacture estimates this kit to be around $5500-$6000 .  That price also includes shipping from Mexico City to Laredo Texas. He can also line up shipping from there for an additional fee if desired.

The quality of the kit does appear to be good but without seeing it in person it is a tough call. as with most kits of this type you can expect that it will need some additional body work before paint.

So Check out this Not So New Dune Buggy! If you have any interest in one of these feel free to contact us via the contact page.