Florida VW Kit Car or Dune Buggy Owners

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  1. Tom Sparks says:

    Hello! Enjoying looking over your website! My father is selling his 1981 VW Gazelle kit car by Classic Motor Carriages, and I thought we’d give you first crack at it, since I can tell you’d give it a good home! This car is a fixer-upper that has some sun and rain damage to the interior, but is mechanically sound, according to our long-time mechanic, and has a good transmission and four new tires. Body is in good shape. Some rust on bumpers and front grill. Located in Melbourne, Florida. I’m happy to send pictures and/or video! Thanks a lot! Take care! –Tom

  2. Tom Sparks says:

    Oops! Sorry, I’m told the tires are not new, they just look new. -Tom

    • admin says:

      Hey Tom,

      feel free to send over a few photos via the contact form and what you are realistically looking to get from it.

  3. joe says:

    i have 1968 empi imp doors for sale i dont know what there worth

  4. sarah eckoff says:

    I am looking to sell an unfinished kitcar with vw motor. my husband died before he could finish it. this kit is for a Moya made by Daytona automotive fiberglas inc. we paid $5000or $5500 just for the kit. The vw motor is a rebuilt dual port engine (1800 cc) my husband made a list of all body components which he says he has everything but a steering wheel. thanks very much and I look forward to hearing from you

    • Donnie says:

      I would suggest eBay, craigslist, or thesamba.com . Keep in mind you will get NOWHERE near what you paid for it. Just putting that out there!

  5. Brennan S says:

    Hey there,

    I have an unbuilt Gazelle kit (Ford 2.3 version) from Classic Motor Carriages that I’d like to pass on to someone interested in building it. Any advice on where to advertise or how to move it? I’ve got it priced to sell, I just don’t have much of a market locally.


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