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Check out this Not So New Dune Buggy!

Check out this Not So New Dune Buggy!

Hey everyone. We have wrote about these Dune buggies in the past. They have the look of the “New” VW Beetle but they use the old aircooled chassis. They have been around for a...

Thank You Bruce Meyers

A surprising thing happened, a VW based kit car made the new and much touted National Register of Historic Vehicles. The National Register of Historic Vehicles is a newly formed organization that honors a...

Fiberfab Clodhopper

Steve from California sent us these pics of his recently completed Fiberfab Clodhopper. Love the color and  the Fiberfab emblem really sets its off. These Buggies were produced in limited numbers by the Fiberfab...

Allied Industries Concept 1

Allied Industries was a kit car manufacture that produced several kits including the 917, Maxi-T, Concept I dune buggy to name a few.