Cimbria In Ohio

The Cimbria is another one of those cars that I have always had a strange attraction for. This one looks like it is in good shape and it should be for being in storage for as long as it has . I bet that green silver paint combo looked good coming out of the booth. The only real turnoff for me in the add is this this…

this is the only one i have ever seen. looks like a vette from the front and a ferrie from the back. and it has gull wing doors. this car is maybe the only one in the county, maybe the state.

It is a great example of the uneducated. This is something I would have expected to see when the internet was not around . It took longer to place the craigslist ad then it would have to search google for “Cimbria Kit Car” But surprisingly I do not feel his 4k price is out of line. Not that that $3000 in 100s could not take it away, but not a bad price.

Here is the link to the ad.

5 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    The hatch looks nice on these . Looks like the rear end of a Pantera Mangusta. The gullwing doors look nice too but a little small.

  2. Donnie says:

    Yeah buddy. I bet they are not fun to get in and out of.

  3. Rich says:

    This one was mine a few years back. Small doors it was fun getting in and out .

  4. the13bats says:

    Looks like a good garage find, in most cases nice Cimbrias fetch more than Sterlings, just so very few of them, they use a Sterling windscreen that is hit or miss if you can buy one and when you can they are around 800.00 and with a Cimbria you have to trim the glass…sound scary, yep, for what ever reason many have cracked windscreens, a freind of mind who owns one believes it to be a poor design of the doors and their weight putting stress on the glass,
    With most vw based kits door fit can be tricky and seems many gull ming types have crappy door fit.
    Sitting since 79 it will need a going though and with the owner sadly passed any would be buyer needs to learn about any title issues, no title can make a dream car into a nightmare and expensive piece of yard art.
    For a person hunting a Cimbria this seems to be a car to jump on, while you might steal it for less 4 K isn’t bad.

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