Sebring on eBay

Here is a pretty good looking sebring on the bay.. No reserve at that. Features a 2.8 liter engine mated o a vw trans. It could use a little TLC but is a good starting point.  Anyone want to guess what it goes for? Also what would your maximum bid be? Click  here  for the auction.


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  1. the13bats says:

    I bought a Sterling the ancestor of the Sebring and drove it home from Vegas to Florida,
    It was no cannonball run….but I thought it was at the time.
    when they redesigned the Sterling into this I didn’t like the cut off nose, lack of rear louvers, lower cut sides for the roof, seemed to me a lot of the raw spirit of the Sterling was lost in the more refined Sebring, but that is just personal taste.
    This looks like a pretty nice Sebring,
    With no reserve someone will steal this car the turbo engine hooked to the VW tranny means to hole shots and no power shifts the driver will be shifting a lot and will take off in second as first will run out too fast to be of any use.

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