Computerized Avenger

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  1. frank hoinsky says:

    thanks for putting the car on your site.

    frank hoinsky

  2. jeff says:

    do you no of any 917 lazers for sale and is this car for sale

  3. xmnr says:

    geez… the 917 is almost classy compared to the avenger. this is surely the least among the field of gt40-inspired designs. Some of the lines on this car are worth keeping, but they’re the ones completely at odds with the gt40 influence. Some of those lines it has in common with the mille miglia bmw concept… really

  4. Awesome Avenger!!! I have a VW Avenger and a spare Buick 3800 tuned port that I am seriously considering for a similar conversion. I would sure like the conversion details on that one, I saw a comperable V-6 one at Knotts Berry Farm show year before last and it just goes to show that done right the Avenger can be made to stand right up there with the higher priced kits out there. Again, outstanding job!!! Priceofhistoys site has to be the best on the web…

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