FFR GTM Supercar

One of the hottest cars at Carlisle 2006 was the Factory Five GTM Supercar, which to me sort of looks like a Ferrari 360 from the back and a modernized GT40 (although that’s not being entirely fair). What blew me away was they designed this car to be built for under $30,000, and the full kit sells for $19k! It’s a complete kit that you can finish with Corvette parts and a Porsche transaxle (G50). Having sat in the car it’s incredibly comfortable (I’m 6’2″, 220 pounds, and I saw a guy a lot bigger than me sit in it as well).


Anyway, it was hard to get a good shot of the car because it there were always people gathered around it, and it was inside rather than outside so I couldn’t get any distance from it (and even if I could, as soon as a I stepped away, others took my place). I can tell you though that theses pictures (and ones I’ve seen in magazines) don’t do the car justice.

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  1. xmnr says:

    I’m very mixed on the ffr gtm.

    tube frame with fiberglass good
    c5 parts good
    gt40 influence good
    decent fit-finish good

    the individual shapes/curves on the car are great, but what’s with the proportions? (the front vents end too early and so there’s a lone, dent-like crease in the middle of the divider that doesn’t line up with anything. I would’ve peferred a lotus-like continuously arcing divider here, and what about the height of the cowl? the swollen-fender look is supposed to be the result of the gt40 having low bodywork in the middle, not that the fenders are exaggeratedly high.

    whatever… when I can commit 30k to a kit car maybe I’ll sing another tune.

  2. Richard Migliori says:

    This car is so impressive, that after seeing it at knott’s show this year, my wife bought one and is ready to build. She had already purchased her donor and trans. I think she will come in at about 33k. It assembles with the same formula as their cobra and coupe kits (easy), but the tell tale will be in the interior fit and finish. This will separate the “its a kit” and the WOW facter! I can’t wait until she is done so I can drive it!

  3. Capt. James Ball says:

    This FFR GTM, he can build me one, I will take it to all the airports I visit (to give him free advertisement), as long as he puts an a.c. in it. I love it, nicest logical styling to come along in quite a while. Love it.

  4. micheal says:

    i found this videa on youtube way before i came here and it shows everything this car has,I LOVE THIS THING


    have fun

  5. Allen Baker says:

    Hi were do you get this kit at i cant find it anywere Thanks

  6. BIg-Foot says:

    You can find the GTM at http://www.factoryfive.com
    You can also read more and see build sites and forum threads at;

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