Corvair Avenger (not a Valkyrie)

Bud Short is well known for having some of the nicest classic kit cars out there. Long ago (it’s been far too long since I talked to most of my kitcar friends) he sent me this letter and pictures,

“I refused to use any VW parts on the Avenger. Since the chassis is Corvair, I use all Corvair suspension, trans, engine and all the related stuff that is attached. The windshield wiper assembly, instrument cluster, dash switches, defroster, horns, engine compartment hinges, most of the headlight assembly, side window roll up mechanisms, door latches, door handles, and tail lights are Corvair, (of course the windshield and windshield chrome are Corvair). I used early 80’s GM rearview mirrors and Harley Davidson front turn signals, I looked long and hard at a lot of mirrors and front turn signals before I decided that this was the best way to do it.”


Bud, if you see this, please update me as to what you’ve been working on the last few years!

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  1. Bud Short says:

    Well, I sold the blue Monzavenger about 10 or 11 years ago. It changed hands a few times and moved around Texas and Oklahoma ending up currently with Scott Szalkowski in California. The little blue car suffered from the interim owners but I expect Scott to bring it up to better than it was when I had it. I still have the black GT-15 that is shown in one picture in this group. Much work left on that one…

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